Is there a way to find out what searches people are doing on google to find your site?

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I hope this is the right category for my question. SEO has been one thing I haven't put the time I need to be putting into it and for the past several months I've had my store, I have been getting almost all of my traffic from pinterest and instagram. I added a search bar to my site a few months ago. Recently my visitors have increased and a lot of them are coming from google. Also, a TON of users that are finding me from google are searching for swimwear (Im a clothing store but I don't carry swimwear yet). It is confusing me because I did not think I have good SEO yet for people to even find me on google, and I have no idea why they are all searching for swimwear/bathing suits/swim etc. It is really baffling me because it is more than a coincidence now when the only users who search for anything ALL search for the same thing. 

Is there a way I can find out how these users are finding me or what they are google searching to land on my site? I feel like that would help me figure out how these people are finding my site and associating it with swim. I've searched google for my store before and it doesnt even come up. I've done a lot of searches worded different ways with my store and anything swim related and nothing comes up. I'm at a loss. Ideas? I just want to figure out where everyone is finding me on google and what they are searching so I can cater to them and keep the traffic coming. 

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The best way to get search information is via Google Analytics, which integrates very easily into Shopify. After integrated, give it a more days to a few weeks (depending on how much traffic you get) and it will tell you exactly what keywords your visitors are searching for when they found your site. Just go to the "Acquisition" tab, then click on the "Organic Search" link, and you'll see a breakdown of your stores top keyword searches. 

There are also paid tools such as Ahrefs which will tell you all your top organic ranking keywords, their search volume, your traffic from them, and everything you didn't know you didin't know about your SEO and search traffic 😉

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Google Analytics no longer shows most search terms. 

If you want to see what search terms you show up for, and if people click, then verify your website with the Google Search Console, and check out the Search Analytics report.

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Hi, Olivia!

I’m Melissa, a Shopify Guru. Thanks for reaching out!

As Tony said above you can verify your site with Google and use the search analysis report, that is a great way to get that data. It is also possible to check the keywords and how visitors are converting on your store with the use of Google Analytics using goals. 

In order to do this, you will need to have Google Analytics installed within your Admin. If you do, what you will need to do is set up some Goals and funnels in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Below you will find a breakdown of how you can go about setting up goals and funnels in your Google Analytics dashboard:

  1. Setting up goals and funnels with Google Analytics.
  2. Create, edit and share goals  

So in particular when it comes to tracking Keywords you could set up a goal in relation to your traffic sources. This can be done by:

  • Log into your Google Analytics Account.
  • Click on the “Traffic Sources” tab on the left-hand side.
  • Click on the “Keywords” tab underneath “Traffic Sources”.
  • Select a date range in the top right-hand corner. It is recommended to set this for at least 3 months.
  • Click on the “Goal Set” tab in the main area, that should show all the goals you have set
  • Sort the Goal column to display the goal conversion percentage from highest to lowest. You can then select the rows to show from the bottom. Set that to about 50.
  • Every keyword that is showing in the left-hand column that has a conversion percentage attached to it. This is a keyword that you can use to optimize your store for. 
  • You can see how many visits you received from that keyword in the “Visits” column.  

Once you have your list of keywords, it’s time to utilize them in your content! If you can pepper your original content (only where appropriate) with some of these keywords, it will help with ranking and visible sources. Which in turn should help attract more visitors to your store who will hopefully then convert to customers.

I would also recommend an SEO app to install on your store. This can be great in keeping an eye on your SEO and if there is anything that may need to be amended so that your store is always fully optimized. SEO Doctor  is a great app for this and easy to set up, it is also a free app to get started which is even better! 

Hope this information helps! You can reach out to the Guru team  if you have any questions.

Have a great day!

Melissa | Shopify Guru

Mel | Shopify 
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