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Is there any app which can really attract the visitors and boost the sale?

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Any app to convert the store visitors into customers??

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Hello, Manna! 

Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! What you could do is use an app like Groovejar or Online Visitors By Appiversal to help you boost conversion in your store and turn visitors into customers.

I would also suggest checking out some of the great resources we have for merchants on the Shopify blog, specifically our guide to making your first sale and our beginner's guide to conversion rate optimization!
The app, Kit, could be beneficial for you to use as well. Kit works as a virtual marketing assistant on Facebook and Instagram to help you get sales. You can check out Kit, here!

Best of luck with your store and I really do hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to ask and we would be happy to help!

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Karlie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hello Manna,

I use Cranberri to retarget visitors.


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Hi Manna, 

Sarosha here from Aiva! You should definitely take advantage of the Shopify blog - excellent tips provided to convert users. 

To convert a customer into a sale, you have to nurture them in every aspect of the funnel. You could do this with Aiva Overlays. Whether your website goal is to collect leads, showcase a testimonial, promote products/videos, engage social fans - you can do it all with an overlay campaign. 

A high converting campaign has 2 criteria to ensure success:

1) Beautiful design (visitors will trust your website)
2) Shown at an opportune time (rather than being annoying)

Please let me know if you have any questions ?

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Hi Manna,

We're talking about the classic retargeting scenario here. Converting store visitors into customers requires you to touchbase them multiple times. The time taken to convert a visitor into a customer largely depends upon the type of products you're selling.

For high involvement products such as jewelry, high-end smartphone, you would need to communicate with users over a longer timeframe, moving them from the current stage to the next stage of the buying cycle: Awareness -> Consideration -> Purchase. For low involvement or impulse products such as food, grocery items, even one interaction would do the job. The key is to identify the stages your users are at currently and to target them with the right messaging. 

Next is identifying the right channel for communication. I would recommend you to try email, browser notifications for retargeting. There are few tools that enable you to setup automated campaigns enabling you to increase conversions on your store. You might want to take a look at recart, iZooto



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I agreed with the above mentioned tips from the experts. But if you are not working with the professional marketing team, then taking this type of decision can be a bit tough for you. Hence, you can offer discounts and coupons to your store visitors. Otherwise, you can use apps like exit popup, spin win and more. These apps helps to engage the store visitors on your website and you can offer discounts as well which might be helpful to convert your store visitors into customers.

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There's nothing worse than checking your Shopify analytics to see poor conversion rates ?

Turning visitors into buyers can be tough. 

It helps to have a great product, a well designed store and social proof.

But asides from that, there are 2 strategies I've used to universally increase conversions across many stores! ?

1/ Set up Facebook and Instagram retargeting. It's still waaay underpriced and is by far the most effective form of retargeting & capturing lost sales.

Your customers are on Facebook & Instagram. You know that. But you need to step-up your retargeting before it gets too competitive.

There are a number of chatbots that help set-up basic campaigns but they're a bit limited and I've had better results with the shopify app, Turbo Retargeting.

They have a lot of advanced techniques that power their campaigns and have been much more effective than the other marketing apps I've tried.

I didn't know how to set up the campaigns optimized for website purchases with the proper audience exclusions, which apparently is a "HUGE issue" and caused my ads not to work well from other apps.

I learned this via their live support, which was super helpful. When you create campaign via turbo retargeting, it does this automatically for you. ?

They said the audience exclusions & optimization type was one of the most important aspects of a campaign, so consider one of their campaigns for yourself or reading more about that topic!

2/ Try email marketing! There are a lot of apps that let you capture emails and send follow-ups.

To capture these emails, you can use a pop-up or spin wheel app. I'd recommend making sure your email capture is well timed, matches the style of your site, and isn't too obnoxious.

Nobody likes being disrupted so be careful and be sure you don't ruin your sites UX (user experience).

Email marketing has been OK for us.

We started to offer coupons in our email but that's shaving away on our margins.

The FB & Instagram retargeting have been the best solution for driving new sales & capturing lost web traffic for us! But every business is different is of course.

Hope these tips were helpful. Excited to hear how these work for you ?

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I have a few questions about Pollen:

Does Pollen do anything more than create Facebook Lookalike audiences (that's a FB product, not a Pollen product)? What's Pollen's real special sauce?

Doesn't creating a Lookalike audience take 20+ purchases or 100+ Facebook Page Likes (I might be wrong here, it's what I've read online)? If that's the case, wouldn't it take quite awhile for a brand new store to create a Lookalike audience?

That leads me to... does Pollen allow interest targeting? A new website, without a Lookalike audience, would benefit tremendously from interest targeting while the audience is being built. For example, I launched my store on March 10th and ran a very targeted Facebook ad that resulted in a 12% conversion in engagment of all impressions - there's no way that could be done if a campaign for a brand new site is targeting a broad demographic (ie Males 18-24 in the US) without interest filters.

Finally, I've read that users have to contact Pollen in order to edit a campaign. Why? Isn't it beneficial to regularly create fresh campaigns?

Pollen is a very intriguing product, I hope there are some positive answers to the questions above.