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Is this a good SEO offer?

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Hi, I received an SEO offer below for $750 that also includes 6 months SEO optimization:

"I can do the on and off site SEO for $750. 

That will include:

-listing in all major search engines. 


-link building 

-content optimization 

-initial audit of your social media 

-on site SEO 

-keyword research 

-analytic implementation and reporting 

-search counsel setup and access 

-sitemap setup

-robots.txt setup

-humans.txt setup"

Is this a good offer? I spent $300+ on Google ads and FB without a single sale. Also can they work onsite SEO without using my login? Thanks for any and all input.

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Since you can't edit robots.txt, humans.txt or the sitemap it sounds like they don't know Shopify very well. Cost of course is relative to the success it may bring. Very hard to say if it's worth it - you'd need to do your due diligence and determine if this business seems reputable and is know for getting results.

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Does this $750 include 6 months of SEO? 

You got to ask what sort of SEO you are getting for that price. 

Dirt cheap nasty SEO from what I can tell. 

"listing in all major search engines" - really? 

Link building for $750 over 6 months. The only links you are going to get for that are spam links that won't do anything for you. 

Personally, as an SEO, and my knowledge and based on what I charge. I would stay away. 



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So this is what I would suggest:


Pick one of these items, say "register with search engine" and do it.  See what's involved (I don't think it's that much) and do it yourself. If you can handle that, pick another one and see what's involved in that. Pick one item  every few days/weeks when you have the time.  Slowly go through the list and see what you can handle. This will educate you as well as save you money. It's not rocket science by any means. The more you learn, the more money you will save.  (Have you notice the ABUNDANCE of companies trying to sell you stuff like this?).

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Just go to Google's web page for URL submitting, type in your URL, type in the message that ensures Google you are an individual not a software robot and click "add URL." You can also submit your site map to Google via their Webmaster Tools.

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Hey Juldeh,

The offer is on the cheap side and given that your product is in a hugely competitive space, I can almost say for certain he wont be able to do much.

Verify his success by asking him to let you speak to references and to show you previous success first.

To your success,

Luis Morales -

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Thanks for your insight, I've decided not to proceed with the offer based on your advice. Thanks a lot.

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I would pass if I were you. Hate to say it, but you generally get what you pay for with SEO. Unfortunately, it's an industry filled with misinformation and jargon, and the odds that an honest reliable person got in touch with you and will spend the time it o takes to iterate with you for that cheap is slim. I think you could do mostly fine by yourself and with the help of people on this forum. Hope that helps!

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I actually know the person making the offer. I just found out he does SEO full time but started doing it independently on the side and just asked him for an estimate. He did express unfamiliarity with Shopify but said he could stick with external SEO, although I'm not sure how helpful that would be.

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From our opinion, SEO takes a lot of time to do in a white hat manner. Meaning reach out, blogging etc has to be carefully researched as to not penalise a site. Therefore for that money - we suspect that proper care and attention would not be given.

Just out 2 cents.

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