Isn't fully ai chatbots expensive?

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I found a service that charges $0.032 / reply. This is insane.

Did anyone successfully manage to lower down customer support cost with any fully ai driven chatbot?


Even sales assistant are very expensive. Or is it just me?


Love to know any service you are using.

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Hi @AatirK 


I recommend you give Tidio Chatbot a try. Their pricing is more affordable, starting at $29/month for 2K visitors reached/month. This gives you access to chatbot templates and a chatbot builder to build conversation scenarios tailored to your preferences.


You can find more information about their pricing here:

I hope that this helps!

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It isn't, it's $1.8 / conversation (with tokenization limit).

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I suggest you try Gleen AI ( 

Gleen AI charges  (essentially) $1 per 30 minute conversation. A conversation can consist of any number of messages within a 30 minute span.  If the conversation last longer than 30 minutes, the Gleen AI assumes a new conversation has started.

Calling best-of-breed LLMs can be expensive, but (1) it's a much better user experience than older chatbot technologies that use rules/decision trees, question matching, keyword matching, and NLP (2) using generative AI automatically makes your chatbot fluent in 100+ languages and (3) even at $1/conversation, it's typically a good deal relative to hiring customer support agents.


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Out of curious why do you think this is expensive? The question is how much would it cost if you had a person responding? Particularly with western wages. 


In any case, we have built a Shopify AI chatbot that starts from $9 / month only. In fact, we've went beyond that and implemented AI agents that give product recommendations like a shopping assistant would do. For example, what is the different between the most expensive and cheapest bag? And it will autonomously recommend items.