Issue when use the same Facebook business account to link to multiple Facebook pages.

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Hi Everybody,

Currently, I'm managing two websites and I have a Facebook business account that has been created two different Facebook pages.

Facebook page A has been linked to Website 1.

Now I have an issue when I try to link Facebook page B to the second website.

It shows: "You can only create 2 Business Manager accounts. To create a new one, you need to delete an existing Business Manager."

Is anyone know how to fix that?

How can I link the second Facebook page into my second website under 1 Facebook business account? is it possible and how to do that?


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Hi Quoclam,

As you know Facebook business manager is connected with the website. In your case you have two website and you have one business manager with two pages & it is not possible to connect the two websites to one business account. So it will be good you can create a new business manager from the second website address. And remove the second page from the first business manager and connect it with the new business manager that you create And after that you are able to connect your second page with the second website.

Note:- You can only create 2 business manager from one account.

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