Issues with recent conversion tracking, random values and advice

Issues with recent conversion tracking, random values and advice

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Lately my store has been struggling to track and record conversions correctly.


  1. Firstly I have loads of orders without conversion summary on Shopify. And therefore very few conversions recorded on Google ads. Although I believe those orders are from the paid ads... I understand that Google lately rolled out something called google consent v2. I've changed my cookie banner app to make sure we've got consents from visitors. But then I also keep getting a pop-up message on google ads about the following. Not sure what I have to do regarding this... even though I don't advertise in EU... (Just in UK)


Implement consent signalsTo preserve performance for your campaigns using Customer Match, you must implement consent signals, which are required to personalise ads for end users in the European Economic Area.


2. Secondly, I notice the recent conversion values have random numbers which don't relate to the product value or total value of the order at. My product and delivery prices are always rounded up or round up to £0.5. But the conversion values lately are showing values no near to the correct numbers with two random decimal places...


3. Lastly, I believe a lot of people have asked this, but how do you guys track conversions? As you can see above I'm both using custom event with code and gtag provided by a guy on fiverr, and native shopify google shopping app to compare. But none of them seem to work correctly for us. What do you suggest to track conversions more accurately? app or custom code with google tag?





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For 2 and 3 I have developed my own coding which you can follow in the steps below:


For 1, I believe when you have added a valid cookie consent app, it will work with pixels.

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THANK YOU Emmanuel! I've set up this following your video tutorial. I have a couple of questions:


1. If I'm using third party cookie banner on Shopify (they are compatible with the consent mode), so at the custom pixel page on shopify under Customer privacy > Permission > should I choose, required or not required? The reason I asked because I watched some videos that we should choose "not required" when we have the cookies banner app turned on?


2. Does this pixel feed data back to GA4?