Just going to marketing, how?

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Hi there,


I'm new in this world and I really don't know what to do, 


I just set my store 



And now I'm going to make marketing to make sales ,


My target US and UK audience,

I got offer $200 for 1 month making FB campaign and management for the account and creating post every day .


Is it a good way to start and should do it ?


Or you have better way to follow?


Please help me .




Many thanks, 

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Congratulations on your store🌹

You must not only focus on short-term strategies such as Facebook ads, Google ads, etc... (paid ads).

You should also consider long-term strategies such as SEO, email marketing, brand awareness, etc... if you want real success.



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Congratulations on your new store.

Concerning the marketing process implementation, I have the best plan you can follow and if this plan is perfectly implemented, I assure you great conversions in your store.

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Can you give me offer ?

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Yes of course

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Go ahead 

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Hey! Congrats on your new store! 

Summer is a good time to test and experiment. With Google Ads, you can easily set ads of your ecommerce for the different keywords that you’re interested in. This way, you can attract potential customers that are looking for the products you are selling. Not only you can use the Google Search ads, but also set banners for the Display campaigns that will appear on all the websites that are affiliated to the Google AdSense program. The impact is assured!

So, you should start running your advertising campaign in Google Ads. If you need some help, you can use a free Google Ads and Shoping app for Shopify. 

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Hi @Women-elegance,

Firstly, congratulation for your first online business. It would be hard at the beginning. Most other business would be same as you in the past, and now they are successful So be patient!

With the marketing strategy, you should spend first priority to find the methods which brings positive results with no risky and low cost. It much better for you at this time. Running ads such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, even Google ads are popular methods to viral your products faster. However, you should consider it because it is not really a potential choice for starters. The reason is that you might cost a lost of money to run for long term. In some specific case, if it don't bring positive traffics for you, you also need to pay fee to maintain them. We know it because we know many customers get same issues. 

My recommendation is that you should think about another safer and suitable methods for your business. Affiliate marketing could be a good option for your.  Affiliate marketing is a marketing model which helps to grow your business faster and stably. This marketing campaign allows you to connect with various affiliates, and then they will use their advertising sources such as social media channels, websites, blogs, etc, to promote your products. You only need to pay affiliate commission whenever a customer makes a purchase via the unique link or coupon associated with their recommendation.

How to success with affiliate marketing? Here is a real story: Armin Reischer: How we monitor all affiliates and boost our sales – Blog Uppromote





Here are the benefits of affiliate marketing

1. Make extra income

The main advantage of affiliate marketing is that the income is entirely performance-based. This is because affiliates are only paid a commission when a purchase has taken place. That means if the affiliates have an ineffective campaign, it won’t affect your budget. 

The affiliates understand that driving huge traffic of potential customers will help to increase sales conversion. For this reason, the affiliates will spend much effort to build effective social platforms, promotion or boosting posts of your products in a better way to attract customers. The more efficiently they work, the more commission they generate, and the more sales you earn. 

In addition, by using affiliate marketing alongside other forms of marketing, you are generating different income streams. In fact, different affiliates will provide variety of advertising techniques, such as email, Facebook advertising, pay-per-click, guest blogging, etc. For this reason, your Shopify business never relies on one form of marketing.

Another instance, if you want to drive specific products which have low profit, you can use UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing to set the best special commission rule such as offering a higher commission rate for each specific product. That will create affiliate motivation to work harder.

2. Expand your target audiences

The plus of affiliate marketing is to expand out into new markets that you haven't explored, giving your brand a much stronger online presence. By working with affiliates, you not only get your products reach to new audiences, but also create an awareness that could have the potential to extend beyond a single-product promotion.

However, “Too much of anything isn't good for anyone”. If your Shopify business doesn't mind a suitable affiliate recruitment strategy, your time and resources will be wasted. Therefore, to approach qualified affiliates, you can use UpPromote Marketplace where includes top Shopify offers that are open to any affiliate to join and apply. The more information like category, or program details are provided on UpPromote Marketplace, the more possibility it is that affiliates are interested in your business.




3. Low investment but high cost effective

In fact, affiliate marketing does not need a huge amount to build a customer service team, or running advertising. This campaign helps to mitigate any risks that drive traffic or run social ads with little or no result for your Shopify business, while also ensuring that merchants achieve what they pay for.

Furthermore, using UpPromote Marketplace to recruit affiliates in new markets is an easy way to branch out your reputation into these markets without generating the cost for an entire marketing campaign. In fact, whereas a poor marketing campaign that sends you low quality results will still need to be paid for, even if you make no sales. However, affiliate marketing ensures your marketing is cost effective and helps to reduce the risk of “leaking out” money for an uncertain market. 

In addition, if your products can be marketed worldwide, affiliate marketing is a low-risk and cost-effective way to tap into the global marketplace. With the huge number of affiliates based internationally, they can support you to market your products strategically, as well as provide widely your products to international markets.


4. Promote business brand name

By partnering with trusted ambassadors, you can further your reputation significantly. In fact, in the research phase of an online purchase, customers will spend their priority for retailers they are familiar with. They have a certain level of trust in websites they frequently visit for finding product recommendations. As a result, when these reliable partners champion your products, that will further solidify consumer confidence in your Shopify business. 



A research reported that 92% of customers trust the recommendations of people, companies or influencers they know. For this reason, working directly with affiliate marketers who then promote your products to their established audience, brings more opportunities and more direct sales.

In addition, the high coverage of your brand across reputable media platforms will help your brand become stronger. The more websites your products shown, the more people will recognize your brand name.

I hope my recommendation will be helpful for you. Be patient with your business and good luck!

All the bests,

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing


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Before you start marketing, make sure your backend is set up properly. That is your email flows, automations and texts. I recommend using Klaviyo. 

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Hi @Women-elegance,

I totally understand if you are just starting your business. It's quite difficult at this time. But everything will go well if you build a strong basic first.

In my opinion, running FB ads could be a great idea for lots of Shopify businesses, however, it not an ideal for starters. The main reason is huge cost for investment.

My recommendation for you is that you can consider another methods are safer and less risky. Affiliate marketing could be an ideal option.  Affiliate marketing means you will recruit your affiliates and they will promote your products through their social media, websites, etc. And they only get commission whenever they made a successful sales. Don't think you have recruit affiliates with huge followers such as Ronaldo, Selena Gomez, or something like that. You only need focus to affiliates, influencers who have same target as you, have thousands of followers, its cheaper and more effective.

In fact, affiliate marketing no need huge cost to invest because you only need to pay for affiliates as long as they bring sales for you. Furthermore, collab with different affiliates, that means your brand and products will be promoted on different social channels and can be reached into wider target customers.


 To build your affiliate team, you can start easily with these basic steps:

1. Create affiliate program: UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing classifies affiliates per program so you can easily manage each affiliate group. Each program has one commission rate (offer). So to start working with Affiliate marketing using our app, you (the merchant) need to have an affiliate program. In the program, you need to set a commission rule and a special product commission rule (if any)



2. Create affiliate registration form: In order to join your program and become your affiliates, affiliates need to sign up the Affiliate registration form. By filling the form, they will provide their detail information for you - the merchant. You can post this registration on your shop menu to invite your visitors to join your team.




3. Affiliate link: Affiliate link is generated automatically by UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing  when they get activated. Affiliate will use that link to promote the merchant shop and any order made through that link will become a referral order.

4. Affiliate coupon: has the same purpose with affiliate link, affiliate coupon is another option for affiliates to promote the merchant's site

5. Affiliate contact/support email: the email address which will be displayed on Affiliate account in case they want to contact the merchant. (This email address can also be used as sender's email while sending notifications to affiliate if you enable that feature)

6. Network commission (Multi-level marketing): the commission an affiliate would get if the affiliate who they invited to the affiliate network brings a referral order.


7. Commission level: network commission rule. Level will be based on the relationship with the affiliate who directly bring referral order.

I hope these are useful for you. Good luck with your business!

All the bests,


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1. That url is currently redirecting to https://www.fitnaztic.com/ — is there a reason you don't use that as the URL you share?

2. Just a quick fix: Your website currently links to the mobile version of your Facebook page, not the desktop version. This will help with customers who want to check you out on social media!

3. Since you are trying to use marketing to increase sales, I would suggest using both IN-STORE marketing, and social media marketing. As many others have pointed out, ensuring that your emails, newsletters, etc are set up is also important.

4. One way to use in-store marketing is by highlighting product features. Your products have many varying features. I would really recommend using an app like ModeMagic to highlight these features (ex: "Customer Favorite", or "Durable", or "Relaxing", or "Many Sizes Available") to help your customers easily find what they're looking for, and also draw attention to products they may not have realized they wanted! It will also help highlight specific items within a collection (ex: "New", or "Selling Fast"). 

5. Another way to use in-store marketing is by adding a section on your home page (perhaps right before the Weight Loss Clothes section) that says "What our customers love:". In this section, you can pull the top reviews from different products, as that will help build social proof as well. There are many review apps that would be great for this!

6. For social media marketing, also try using these reviews as customer testimonials. It will help build the credibility of your brand, especially since your pages on social media are new. It's always good to see what other people are saying about the brand, not just what the brand is saying about themselves!

7. If you can, ask your customers to share photos and reviews with a brand hashtag, or to tag your brand, so that you can reshare it!


All the best on this journey!!

Building communities @ ModeMagic and Mason!

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Hey, Kudos on your new store. I am sure you must have been smashing it by now.

Well, a couple of things. FB ads help when you’re just getting started and want to create awareness about your brand and what you do. But I would recommend not depending on it totally to get visitors to your store. Focus on both, organic and inorganic aspects.

You can start with SEO, blogging, or even social media, adding customers reviews, the reason being, Ads will bring customers until you’re spending on it. But how would you survive when you stop spending on them or don’t have enough funds to spend? 🙂

 I would highly recommend maintaining a balance of both, organic and inorganic. All the best!

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Have you opened a Google advertising account? I am a staff member who is doing Google account advertising opening. If necessary, I can help you open a Google account and serve you

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hi @Women-elegance 

I am not able to see your website - https://women-elegance.com/ 

Also what kind of products are you selling that is also important. 

Let me know i can discuss further.



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Hi @Women-elegance,


I suggest you try affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing makes your brand more reliable to potential customers. A brand will always say good things about its products and buyers rarely believe them. They will only trust your brand if they hear good things about your brand from other sources, like their favorite blogger, or the YouTube channel they always follow. To learn more about it you can always visit our blog.


We also offer an app that can help you generate codes, track and monitor ambassador's sales. If you want to give it a try, install it for free here

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You can try Instagram/Facebook campaigns, but you might first want to validate that your store can convert so your ad dollars don't go up in smoke.


And when you do spend on Instagram/Facebook ads, you can get more out of it by encouraging your social followers to join your email list.


However, I really would recommend just diving into adds before validating that you can drive conversions first.

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