Just going to marketing, how?

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Hi there,


I'm new in this world and I really don't know what to do, 


I just set my store 



And now I'm going to make marketing to make sales ,


My target US and UK audience,

I got offer $200 for 1 month making FB campaign and management for the account and creating post every day .


Is it a good way to start and should do it ?


Or you have better way to follow?


Please help me .




Many thanks, 

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1. That url is currently redirecting to https://www.fitnaztic.com/ — is there a reason you don't use that as the URL you share?

2. Just a quick fix: Your website currently links to the mobile version of your Facebook page, not the desktop version. This will help with customers who want to check you out on social media!

3. Since you are trying to use marketing to increase sales, I would suggest using both IN-STORE marketing, and social media marketing. As many others have pointed out, ensuring that your emails, newsletters, etc are set up is also important.

4. One way to use in-store marketing is by highlighting product features. Your products have many varying features. I would really recommend using an app like ModeMagic to highlight these features (ex: "Customer Favorite", or "Durable", or "Relaxing", or "Many Sizes Available") to help your customers easily find what they're looking for, and also draw attention to products they may not have realized they wanted! It will also help highlight specific items within a collection (ex: "New", or "Selling Fast"). 

5. Another way to use in-store marketing is by adding a section on your home page (perhaps right before the Weight Loss Clothes section) that says "What our customers love:". In this section, you can pull the top reviews from different products, as that will help build social proof as well. There are many review apps that would be great for this!

6. For social media marketing, also try using these reviews as customer testimonials. It will help build the credibility of your brand, especially since your pages on social media are new. It's always good to see what other people are saying about the brand, not just what the brand is saying about themselves!

7. If you can, ask your customers to share photos and reviews with a brand hashtag, or to tag your brand, so that you can reshare it!


All the best on this journey!!

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Hey, Kudos on your new store. I am sure you must have been smashing it by now.

Well, a couple of things. FB ads help when you’re just getting started and want to create awareness about your brand and what you do. But I would recommend not depending on it totally to get visitors to your store. Focus on both, organic and inorganic aspects.

You can start with SEO, blogging, or even social media, adding customers reviews, the reason being, Ads will bring customers until you’re spending on it. But how would you survive when you stop spending on them or don’t have enough funds to spend?

 I would highly recommend maintaining a balance of both, organic and inorganic. All the best!

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Have you opened a Google advertising account? I am a staff member who is doing Google account advertising opening. If necessary, I can help you open a Google account and serve you

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hi @Women-elegance 

I am not able to see your website - https://women-elegance.com/ 

Also what kind of products are you selling that is also important. 

Let me know i can discuss further.



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