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Just launched I need help bringing traffic.

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I have done some facebook ads, got me some clicks but cant get consistent traffic.

I believe facebook is my best plaform being able to narrow down to dog owners. But based off my website what do you guys recommened as far as how to be traffic to website?


Thank you for all the help!

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facebook ads and google adwords is very good, I think. 

If you want to marketing your website your also can do seo marketing.

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Hey Roberto Arguello

Took a look at your site and want to ask a few questions.

1. Do you have Google Analytics set up?

2. What's the percentage of bounced visits?

3. Which pages have a higher percentage of bounced visits?

I will appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions. I'll be able to help after you give me some insight.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Roberto!

I agree that targeting the dog owners is the right strategy. But, you probably realize that's a saturated market and people are bombarded with the dog food ads on Facebook. In order to succeed, you need to narrow down the niche and target people interested in buying only super-food based dog food or only organic dog food [as you are specializing in these]. Now, it gives you an edge. Use it not only in Facebook ads, but also when reaching out, running shout outs and working on your organic traffic.

What works for me, and my customers, is to join conversations with the potential customers online. You could join discussion groups and forums for the dog owners, who are interested in buying organic / healthy pet food. Then, build a rapport and authority by answering the questions and giving advice. Don't post just to promote your products though - the aim is to build a connection. People buy from people, not from the brands. So focus on a personal approach and earning trust. Over time, people will start getting familiar with your brand, will trust your expertise and will feel confident shopping from you. 

If Facebook is your target platform, try Live videos. Putting your face in front of the camera is the strongest marketing strategy right now - people crave a personal connection online. Don't hide behind the banners and ads. Make sure to stand out.

Also, remember, to give value first, and as a reciprocity, people will start visiting and buying from you. 

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@curtis Thank you for your reply

1. I Believe i do, i put the url or w.e in the settings of shopify like i was instructed to do on a tutorial.

2. I launched July 4th and we have an average of 10 customers a day. We have had 5 purchases through the website. Our average bounce rate on our page is 64.81% below that in small with a red arrow upward it says 94.4. 

A. /7845642297/orders/5487a9cebc6eb5e204f60d75599fe923 ( I have no idea what this is) 100%

B. /pages/turmeric-nutritional-facts-supplier 100%

C. Check out Shipping-75%


Let me know if you have any more questions! i need all the help i can get!

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Thank you so much for the ideas. I think the issue we have is that I dont see many analytics as too how many people are searching for that, and its hard to get to them on FB from what i have noticed.

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Right now on Facebook you can target Dog Owners as a behavior in the detailed targeting field when building an adset.  Unfortunately, Facebook will be taking this feature away soon.  You can however still target by interest!

With my clients, I always give them at least 3 interest based targets to start when creating a Traffic campaign aimed at Landing Page Views.  It's good to try three different angles.  But I suggest taking advantage of the Behavioural targeting while it's still there!

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Hi Roberto

In your opening post you don't mention the product you are trying to sell to Dog Owners.

Dog Owners is very broad as an interest and when starting out with a budget.

Depending on your product you can market it to owners of Dog Breeds.

For Example: Pugs

This page has 290k followers so will probably appear in the interest targeting when creating an ad set.

You can then add another condition for Homeowners or Dog Training

This will give you people interested in pugs who are also homeowners. A good chance they will be dog owners.

You can then use the dog breed ie. Pug in your Ad Text copy and this will appeal more to the audience and drive higher CTR.

Depending on the product you could easliy duplicate the product page and also add the dog breed into each page. So you will have a more relevant landing page and the buyer will be more engaged.


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If you want to bring in organic traffic instead of buying traffic, you can try to create contents like tutorial videos, blog posts talking about dogs. Creating valuable content can help you to get search traffic because google and web surfers love unique content. 

My company blog drives consistent traffic and sale leads for years without paying a dime. This is the true SEO which involves a lot of hard works. 

Talking about ad, you can take a look at our new ad targeting solution, It aims to improve ad conversion rate via content marketing. Our Shopify App (under my profile image) is working on SEO. Therefore, I have some insight in growing organic traffics 

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hey Roberto Arguello,

Before I suggest anything please let me know you want instant traffic boost or you are fine if it takes 2-3 months approx to get proper and stable traffic?

Let me know so that we can continue with the choice you make.

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Here’s a beginner’s guide for Facebook ads. It shows how to start with a tiny budget and then scale it up properly so you are less likely to lose money:

Beginner guide to boosting Shopify sales via Facebook Ads

Written by the owners of Great British Tees (and a few other shopify stores). They have been using FB ads successfully for years.

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Hello Robert,

Hope you doing good. Can see you have received a lot of great answers so far but will like to leave you with my two cents.

I think you can also try getting some traffic from sources like Reddit. You can find your niche in there and join in a thread, answer some questions and even talk about your product on there.

You can also share some blogs on social media if you have any pages that are active and track the visitors you have through all these social media mediums with this Google Analytics Tool 

You can use the link as an anchor in the blog to help track the traffic.

I also noticed you had some reviews on your website. Do you have an app that helps you get this done? 

you can visit the Shopify app store and check out this app. they have a free version that can easily collect and display customer testimonials and reviews from Facebook and other social platforms.

Let me know how that works out. And feel free to ask any further questions


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Main goal is to crate consistent traffic, but could use some strategies to bring in instant lead traffic.


@Dropkick Ads,

I have gotten to the point i have stopped all ads on face book and been concentrating on amazon. Amazon advertisement works and generates sales. While i dont see this as valuable at the moment with facebook.



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When you are playing with Facebook ads, it's very hard for new stores to hit the target customers accurately.

You can try our ad retargeting product, to build your custom audience before paying ad.

With, you can add Facebook Pixel to any page even if the page belongs to a 3rd party. With more customer data, you can make better ad-buy decisions.

For example, you find an article about how to take care of dogs in hot summer. You can generate a link like this: (with Facebook Pixel embedded). Share it across anywhere. when a user clicks the link, he will be tracked by Pixel. 

We can offer you a free trial if you are interested.

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The best way is to implement a content marketing strategy, in which you will publish blog posts, videos, guest post on other dog magazines (whether online/offline) to generate traffics.

These traffics are organic, meaning that they are consistent and the visitors are relevant to your store. It can improve SEO as Google will be more likely to rank higher for unique content. 

But this strategy takes a longer time. That's why very few stores are interested. 

Personally, my IT consulting company has been converting sales leads via the blog since 2010. So I know it works. 

p.s. my new product is helping store owners to better convert visitors to customers with Facebook Pixel. Feel free to ping me. I can offer you a free trial. 

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Hey Roberto,

I think you should start thinking of ways to capitalize on the traffic that you drive to the website from Facebook ads. For example, how many people who land up on your website actually end up performing the action that you want them to take - this can range from product purchase to signing up for the newsletter. You should start thinking about ways in which you can re-engage with this audience and bring them back to the website. Exit intent pop-ups, email subscriptions and web push notifications all work in this aspect. I would suggest that you focus more on web push notifications as they offer a really great way to bring the visitors back even when they are not on your website. They just need to have the browser window open for your message to reach them. You can bring them back with flash sale offers, new product announcements and more.

I work for PushCrew and I have seen a lot of our customers use the tool to re-engage with the traffic that they generate through Facebook ads. Do give it a try and let me know how this works for you.

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Although facebook is very good platform to build customers but for Consistent or Organic traffic you also have to do more efforts
You know the industry is Vast. One has to do many efforts to grab. I have mentioned some points. Hope get helps.

1. Create A Blog
-- What blog can do?

  • Creates New Site Pages
  • Increases Social Link Sharing
  • Keeps Visitors On Site Longer
  • Interesting Content Creates Traffic

2. Share On Social Media
Use Instagram, google+ and Pinterest along with Faebook

3. Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon and even Pinterest allow business owners to add content links (blog posts, videos, etc.) to their online directories. 

Let me know if you have any Questions

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If you have just launched, there are 2 ways of bringing traffic to your website and both of them are equally important.

The two methods, you can use is - 

  • Organic Methods
  • Paid Method

Both of them are equally effective methods, but if you have just launched then paid traffic will going to be a better option. The reasons for the same is - 

  • You don’t need any audience base for the paid traffic.
  • You can look for the competitor’s strategy and can apply the same techniques to your business.

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency, that can help you in digital marketing; then you can contact Propel Guru.


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These techniques can help you bring traffic on your store:

  • Run Paid Social Media Ad Campaigns Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest ads.
  • Use SEO to Increase Your Store’s Discoverability
  • Reach New Audiences with Influencer Marketing
  • Drive Excitement with Contests and Giveaways
  • Attract Customers with Content Marketing