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Lack of traffic and sales

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Hey, I just recently launched my new shopify store:


I am using influencer shoutouts on instagram. So I found two influencers, one does travel, the other is about the hottest girls. However my niche was fashion and i made a mistake by paying both influencers for a story shoutout and i got about 15 visitors and no sales in 24 hours. I found out about my mistake and this time payed two FASHION influencers for 1 post and one story shoutout. It has only been about 2.5 hours since the post and shoutout however i've only gotten 10 visitors and no sales so far. I don't understand, both influencers have 5%+ engagement rate, they are both also fashion influencers unlike the first two. Why am i getting no sales. I'm pretty sure that my store is perfectly fine as well. Should i just wait and see what happens? Any help would be appreciated.

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Influencer marketing is something that takes refining and perfecting. It looks like you've already made improvements for your second influencer marketing campaign. Next, you may want to try offering an incentive for the influencer's followers to browse or buy. This could be a giveaway that they can enter when visiting your site, a coupon code for signing up for emails, or a discount code for their first purchase. The first two options will also allow you to capture these visitors information, allowing you to remarket to them and to continue trying to convert these leads. Most people take an average of 8 touches before they convert. Continuing your influencer marketing campaigns to bring in traffic and better optimizing your site to capture these visitors will help you start to see results from your campaigns. 


Also, it could help to find influencers that already love your brand. The Carro app is free to use and finds the best influencers who already have a connection to your brand. These influencers are able to talk about your product better because they are familiar with your brand. These influencers also may be more cost effective to partner with because they already love your product. Let me know if you have any questions!


Good luck!

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I would look at your categories and get specific on different types of products on offer, for example; 


Friendship bracelets

Magnetic Bracelets

Charm bracelets

Medical alert bracelets


Something like this allows you to better define your customer rather than just Gender. Facebook marketing may be a good option. I haven't tried influencer marketing personally. 

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Hey @ft_x ! 


First, I want to say congrats for your well designed store. 


Now, you need to focus on marketing your products.


Please do keep in mind that buying two shoutout from 2 instagram accounts should not give you what you've probably have expected. 


Instead you need to plan how you will market your products, think about your ideal sales funnel and execute on the plan.


Influencer Marketing is a great channel especially for your niche.


However, you need to be more strategic on the execution. 


Start sending products to influencers who are relevant with your niche in exchange of a feed / story placement. 


This way you will get content+awareness+ some sales for your products. 

Driving traffic to your store is the first part of the equation, the second is to convert the traffic.


Keep in mind that most of your visitors will bounce without buying at the first time. 


Hence, you need to retarget them using Facebook, IG ads or Youtube/Google ads. 


You cannot afford to drive traffic to your website and expect to convert them from the first time. 


To sum it up, you need to rethink your marketing strategy, make a plan and execute on this plan.


Promotions on an ad hoc basis will not give you the expected results. 


This is the bigger picture of the online game, actual steps and detailed actions can be found online. There is so much free content out there for driving traffic and sales to your online store. 


Hope this helps!