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Can someone tell me how I can improve my SEO for my e-commerce website and generate more leads?

I have been posting and creating backlinks a lot lately but no good response I have got, so any suggestions on what strategies should I use?

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Well, I have been looking forward to the exact same solution for my e-commerce website that currently I'm working my SEO on.

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Hello Alex!

The first thing that I noticed about your website is that you used sliders to promote your discounts. I personally do not recommend that. From a UX perspective, I recommend you improve your website home page. The colors, the fonts, the type of words you choose, etc. I would highlight the discount code if I use it on the slider.

But instead, I would use it on a popup. You may want to take a look at Popupsmart's no code pop-up tool to include a popup on your website. As far as I noticed, you don't have any. There are dozens of pros to using a pop-up. You can use it for your sales promotions such as:

  • Free Shipping And Returns
  • Flash Sales
  • Buy One Get One (BOGO)
  • Discounts
  • Holiday Promotions
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Contests And Giveaways and so on.


You may want to encourage them to sign up on your site and buy from your site. Highlight the benefits of your products, your offerings and your brand.


 + I noticed that the icons in that image do not actually represent the words.


+ You can also promote your Combos! Highlight the prices if you applied any discount, it is very important. 

+ You should highlight your offerings. Do you have free shipping and a discount on that product? Make sure the prospective customer sees it.  One of the most important card abandonment reasons is shipping costs. Therefore, you have to make sure they have a free shipping option. You can use a pop-up for it again. You can add it to your product page to make sure they know. You can add it after 5 sec on every page view.  



You can go ahead and create a FREE account with Popupsmart to try your options. 


These are the points that I noticed, you can also ask your current customers for feedback for improvement. 

Good luck! x

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Posting and generating backlinks do help but also need to take care of content on our website. It should be more of providing solutions to the user querry then search bots will find it relevant. Also user experience is important design and speed of website. 

There are multiple factors need to optimize for a site fo 1st page ranking. Above points are just 3 of them.



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e-commerce website for authentic lead generation needed help

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