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Likes are nice. But I need sales

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Hello,                                                        I launched my faith based clothing store 3 weeks ago. I'm getting likes on instagram but very little views on my website. I know it's still early but I would love any advice. I've been commenting and liking other Christian apparel photos like mine just to build more followers. I also read to send a few pieces of clothing to a blogger and they could post my shirts on their page. Anyone tried this? Any feedback on what I should change would be appreciated. - Summer 

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, Summer!

My name is Jade, I am with the Support Team at Shopify! Your beautiful name matches the season!

I took a look at your store and have some feedback for you to consider. As I tell everyone, it is 100% up to you what you would like to do for your store, these are just some suggestions:

1) The first slide you have of the model in the black tank top is not the best image quality. If you are having issues with improving the image quality you can always not use that image and keep the second image of the model wearing three different shirts as the main image. 

2) There seems to be a large amount of blank space on the top of your website and underneath your slideshow. Was this added intentionally or did it just happen to be there? If it can be reduced that would look nice.

3) The text on the footer of your website (the bottom) that says Custom content. Add new content to display here. can be edited or removed depending on what you prefer. To edit or remove the text login to your store > click Online Store > Customize Theme > on the left side click Footer. To remove the text simply delete the text and click Save. You can also remove the text and replace it with another message if you prefer. Always remember to click Save in the theme editor after making changes. ?

4) You may want to change the name of your About Me page to About Us as you are communicating information about your business. Having an image or a video on this page is a good way for your customers to connect to who you are and promote trust on your website. People will purchase from websites that they feel are trusting.

5) If you add another product to your Featured Collection, you will be able to have six products on your Homepage instead of five, which will look more symmetrical.

6) We recommend adding your Refund Policy to your homepage. Most websites add it to the footer. In Settings > Checkout I see you have one already written that appears when the customer is at the checkout. Most people will look for a Refund policy on a website before purchasing. I made a video about how to add the Refund Policy as well as Terms of Service and Privacy Statement to your store on the footer here. You have already done some of the steps by creating them in the checkout, they just need to be added to your website.

7) Because you are starting to get traction on Instagram, you may be interested in our app Kit that allows you to create and pay for advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. 

😎 On your Double Wrap Bracelet, it is hard to tell what colour the customer is selecting. You may want to add a separate image for each colour variant. This way the customer can see what each colour looks like.

9) For your shirts, some of the text might hard to see for your customers. A quick fix is to add what each item says in the product description.

10) To increase your SEO we recommend blogging on a regular basis. We have a great blog post called Why Every Ecommerce Business Needs a Blog (And 9 Ideas to Get You Started) that has more information. To build traffic and improve website SEO we have a video series that I also recommend called Ecommerce SEO 101. I watched this same series when I was training to be a Guru and found that it really explained SEO in a way that is easy to understand.

If you have any questions Shopify Support is happy to help 24/7!.

Best Wishes! ❤️

Jade | Shopify 
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Thanks so much Jade! ?