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Line Breaks in Facebook Ads

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I see lots of Facebook ads with line breaks in the main text. I'm on a Mac and the usual shift + return doesn't work. Does anyone know how it's done?

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Found the answer myself. In case anyone is interested, the key is to create a page post in power editor and then run that as an ad. The format appears different than a conventional ad.

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Hey Alan -- Was totally gonna jump in here and answer that for you. Sorry for the delay. Glad you got it figured out! 

If you're trying to learn more about this stuff, we work on Facebook/Insta ads all the time for e-commerce clients. We've got a case study here:

Maybe there are some good thoughts in this for you?

Garrison Snell
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Hey Alan,


If this doesn't work you could also try pasting into your notes app on Mac, add spaces and then paste in back into the main text area of the ad.


If need any more support, reach out to - we specialize in scaling FB ads for Ecommerce stores.



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