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Hi All,

I wanna do something about links building in order to improve SEO/ranking/traffic for my website/store and would be very grateful for any comments/suggestions/sharing on how/what to do it in a cost/time-effective manner. 

Many thanks all for attention and look forward to hearing from you.



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Hey Long,

As I checked your online store is quite new. At this point in time, your Domain Authority(DA) is 1. The higher the DA, higher the chances of appearing on top in google.

Following are the only backlinks you have, that too noFollow. So definitely you need to workout in getting more.

Let me start with some low hanging fruits in getting the backlinks.

Start with non-relationship based link building model:

Get all those links first which don’t require any special relationship with potential linking partners and which are driving ranks of your competitors.

Use to check competitor backlinks.In this way, you don’t need to waste a lot of time in determining the linking partners.

Once you're done with the non-relationship model, then leverage you own network.

  • Leverage business relationship: Request backlink from those with whom you do business. This can be vendors, suppliers, merchants. Almost everyone has website nowadays.
  • Leverage personal relationship: Request backlink from friends and relatives.
  • Leverage your own assets: If you own any personal blog or website, you can get the backlink from it.

Coming to the last aspect of link building. When you're done with leveraging both the channels, the try to make your own niche via your blog.

  • Start a blog on your e-commerce site that revolves around your product but not your brand.
  • Use this blog to develop relationships with your prospects and esp. bloggers in your industry.
  • Take advantage of the large audience of facebook. Start a facebook fan page.

I hope this will help you. Happy Selling.



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Hey Long,

you are no doubt aware of how important back links are, but you should also know that the wrong kind of links can hurt you faster than the right links can help you. I only mention this because of the "cost/time" comment. 

Unfortunately the right kind of links do take some effort to get, at least at first. You may be tempted to go to fiverr and get "100 backlinks in 24 hours for 5 bucks" or something like that, but please DONT do that to your self. 

Ok, now that that's out of the way, here is some stuff that will point you in the right direction : )

First, this is my absolute favorite resource online for building links : 

It allows you to filter by how long it will take, the link value, and effort involved. 

Second, you may check out this post : It's another good source of inspiration.

I would take an hour right now and read through everything on those two pages and copy and paste your favourite ideas to a spreadsheet, then figure out at least ONE you can get done TODAY. Don't let too many options make you freeze, the important thing with all these choices is to get moving on it. 

You can do it! Go get 'em. 


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Thanks a lot GrowthHit (not your real name, I guess) for your comments/recommended resources. I much appreciate all that.

You are right about having reviewed too many options/strategies makes me even more confused.

I'm looking at those two pages to see what will work best for me.




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Ha ha, yes I'm George - co-founder of Growthhit. I usually sign with my name, I forgot to this time. I really feel like there are some good suggestions on those pages no matter what phase you are at in your growth. Would love to hear back from you on which ones you try!

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Hi Long! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here 🙂

Link building is an important part of your SEO optimization strategy and the best way to start is to share your content using social bookmarks, create content on Quora, Medium, Wordpress blogs, post on the forums within your niche, comments etc. Please check few resources below to help you:

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Google Docs for Building Links - Does it Work? [video]

Create a Blog - Why Blogging Can Help You Get to Google Page One in 2018 [video]

7 Best Backlink Building Strategies for Online Business [article]


Maggie Tuczapska

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