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Are there any SEO experts out there that can give some direction on long tail keywords?  I'm having a hard time navigating the process and I don't want to pay a lot every month to have access to research tools.

I feel like I might be over thinking this.  Please reach out and give me your opinion and some pointers.


Jeanette / Claribelskincare.com

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Dear Jeanette,

Long tail keywords are great for giving you a better chance of hitting first page for a search term, that still has good search volume - but less competition.

In your niche - There are millions and millions of sites that are trying to rank for the term “skincare”, but maybe only a handful of sites trying to rank for “affordable organic skincase US” or something similar. Also, because they know exactly what they are looking for, the conversion rate will be drastically higher.

You can use a keyword research tool for suggestions -

However there are some phrases that people naturally search, that you can add to your keywords





(Location based keywords)


You get the idea! 


The good news is as Google is getting cleverer - it is also taking context into searches, therefore your page may come up for certain users for the shorter keywords too,


I hope that helps, and if you need any more SEO help then you can always contact us at Shopili.com




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Thank you Jo.

I already understand the importance of long tail.

I am trying to find a keyword tool that isn't costly - to determine long tail suggestions.  Or, if there is a process that someone could help me navigate to find long tail, I'd like to learn that.


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If you look in google adwords, they have a tool called "keyword planner".  Type in a short phrase and look at the suggestions.  From there pull up google and search that word to check your competition.  I have a video on it https://youtu.be/olBaLor7GtI 

Thats pretty much the way I find keywords.  Try to rank in keywords that get good traffic but you dont want to be competing with the big guys.  So I look for words that get at least 1k searches a month but dont have over 100k results in google.  hard to explain here so if you want to see how I do it you can check the video. Hope this is a bit of help.

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Long Tail Keywords (LSI) is a good topic to know about.


1. (Main Keyword) - Performance Shirt

     LSI - Rash Guard Performance Shirt

     LSI - Rash Guard Performance Shirt for Women


So LSI basically is taking about the main keyword in a wider since or more detailed query.

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Hey Jeanette, 

Made you this little video, I think this will nail it for you. 😉


I also do hourly 1 to 1 online consulting for people that can't afford large monthly SEO prices, which if you want you can check out on my website. 

Hope this video helps. 



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Hi Alasdair,

I appreciate the helpful video, nice work.

I'm interested in finding out more about your hourly consultations.  I would like to find out where you think I should begin as far as SEO.  

I see that you offer Skype sessions, but I'm not much of a Skyper.  Can your paid consultation be more of an outline or advice given via email?  

Thank you,

Jeanette / Claribelskincare.com

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Hi, this text was great
Thank you so much
My work field is also SEO

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Hey @JeanetteQuillen ,


Great question! Most of the SEO tools are a bit pricy, that's true, but there are a number of ways in which you can find long-tail keywords on your own.

The only free keyword tool which comes to my mind is Ubersuggest, and I have used it many times myself, it's quite good: https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/ 

However, you can also find long-tail keywords on Google, or on Amazon, or other online marketplaces, for example. Google's autocomplete feature is a great way to find relevant long-tail keywords. When you type a keyword in Google's search field, Google immediately suggests a number of related queries. And Amazon has the same autocomplete feature, and as it's a marketplace, it suggests only product-related searches which is even more helpful. You can also explore Amazon’s category and product pages for more keyword ideas, and the list goes on... 🙂 

We have a blog post on the topic, you should definitely read it if you want to learn more techniques on how to find long-tail keywords without using a paid tool. Here is it: https://sherpas.design/blogs/e-commerce/effective-keyword-research-shopify-ultimate-guide#google

Thank you,
Raya from www.sherpas.design 

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1. long tail keyword is very efficient to increase conversion rate of sales

2. choose niche keyword of your product ..and make some long kind keyword by thinking user point of view that which keyword they will use while they want to buy product

3. also use negative keyword research

4. it will also help you to rank easily but make sure that ...keyword having a high searches and low competition


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It’s often one of those things a site ranks for with a good link profile and long form content. We typically keep a close eye on ranking keywords to further optimize long tail with transaction intent. Often on transactional long tail keywords, the conversion rate is high. However, with a limited page selection, it’s not always easy to dedicate valuable SEO landscape to keywords with such low volume.
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