Looking for a contributor to my advertising app :)

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Hi, all 🙂

My name is Stan. I’m developing an extension for Shopify stores that reduces shopping cart abandonment. That’s possible to achieve by retargeting people who have visited the store with Facebook ads.  


At the current stage my goal is to allow store owners to spend maximum up to 5-7 mins per day for adjusting Facebook ads . To reach this goal I’m examining the best interfaces of the apps in similar field. Unfortunately, some of them are available only for stores having minimum 100 users per day.  


Therefore I’m looking for a store owner (or anyone who has access to such a store) that could install one of these extensions from Shopify market (it’s free) and make screenshots of the interface. All in all, that’s a matter of 15 mins.


I will be glad to any contributor who can apply little efforts to make the software better and comfortable to use 😃


P.S. write me in pm. thanks 

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