Looking for a Google Shopping solution for Shopify when using a Multi-Client Account Merchant Center

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With the pending sunset of Shopify's Google Shopping App, I am doing some research to move my agency's Shopify clients over to a Google Shopping solution that works with a Multi-Client Account Merchant Center.


The new app is not only going through a terrible launch (1.5/5 in the store), it does not support Multi-Client Account Merchant Centers. Specifically, it connects to Merch via a single email authorization, with no consideration for the possibility that email address might be administrator on multiple Merchant Centers.


So, to set the stage: we have 300+ Shopify sites that need to move by the end of June. At that scale, I can't add a single email admin to each of them without Google blocking my IP from creating new accounts. I can't use the old app, obviously, because of its pending deprecation. You can find said app still active at the following link if you add your myshopify.com domain after shop= : https://google-product-publisher.shopifyapps.com/?shop=


So fundamentally I'm looking for a Google Shopping app with at least somewhat good functionality for bulk operations and most importantly the ability to target a specific Merchant Center ID under an administrator email. Anyone got any suggestions? Our agency is SMB-focused, for context. 


Shopify has been clear that MCA support is a low priority for their new app, so I don't expect it to be supported before the sunset date of its predecessor. Nor is there any sort of workaround I've found outside of one-email-per-business, which has huge scale and ownership retention problems.


Any thoughts or ideas?

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Hello, Aubrey!

There is this app https://excelify.io who can export your products to Google Shopping Data Feed file.

With those columns: https://excelify.io/shopify-excel-import-export-detailed-documentation/shopify-google-shopping-data-...

I don't know if this can be the solution for you but we can add anything to that file - and maybe that gives you what you need?

Here are all possible fields that Google Shopping can import: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/7052112?visit_id=1-636475417573101538-4098026569&rd=1


Matrixify (Excelify) | Bulk Import Export Update Migrate | https://matrixify.app
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Hi Aubrey,

We can definitely help you, we have experience with large transitions. Reach out to us at hello@feedonomics.com. We can also optimize your feeds, unlike the Shopify app.

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Hi Aubrey,

We have a service that we are currently transforming to a Shopify App that will go to Beta in October, it might not be exactly what you are after but I think it would suit your needs. If not we might be able to build the app you seed since we have much of the logic built.

The service automatically creates feeds for all countries that the Shopify store ships to, it also generates keywords for search ads and bid-optimize both on PLA & on search ads. Our key selling point is that you as a customer don’t need to do anything, with amazing results.

We have some of the largest brands in Sweden and a few international clients.

If you have time I would love to have a meeting and talk more about it, as I said, I think our app would be a good fit for you, but if you want an a custom app we would be very interested in that also.

Please send me an email at torkel.ohman@amandaai.com if you are interested

Best regards,