Looking for a solution to offer affiliate commission

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What do I need to be able to offer certain partners a share of profit from referred revenue?

I'm a newbie on affiliate and referral.

I imagine I need some platform, plugged into Shopify, that can manage it. But the apps I've seen cost around $89 per month.

I am thinking the referral pay-out needs to be of profit rather than sales revenue. I am running a print-on-demand store with considerable underlying product costs, plus European taxes in some cases, and am already finding profit is low - I don't want to make it negative by giving away from top-line revenue. Can any apps manage that?

I don't yet know whether this is going to be based on incoming links, a discount code or what.

Not sure where to begin. Googling for Shopify affiliate-related material always seems to end up pointing back to Shopify's own affiliate scheme.


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