Looking for Genuine feedback of my website

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Beyoung is an ecommerce platform deals in t-shirts & designer mobile covers. We have worked a lot on our website, designs, SEO. The website address is https://www.beyoung.in 

We need some genuine feedbacks regarding the performance of the website and the collection of the designs. It will help us to improve and compete in the market.

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Hello Naman,

I have checked your website and I think it's good! It really looks professional, well done! Also, the designs are well selected. There are just a few things you might wanna think about:

I've gone through your About us page very quickly and there are some space characters missing. Please be sure to correct the typos, apps like Grammarly can help you with that. Also, the text is pretty long, I think it would be better to keep it as compact as possible.

On your product pages, I recommend adding an information on what size the model wears and how tall she is. It can be very helpful.

Your shipping policies are insufficient. Countries were you ship to, and estimated delivery times according to the country should definitely be there.

Other than that, your store looks great! here you can find some other tips on how to improve the customer experience and if you need any other feedback, you can join our Facebook group. It's small but still growing group of people interested in improving their e-commerce.

I hope it helps,


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Katerina covered almost everything and I found nothing new. And I agreed with her. Use Grammarly its free and I am using it for a year. As she mentioned, shipping policy should be proper and cover almost all the possibilities.


Let me know if you stuck at any point. Good day.


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Thanks for Your Feedback, we appreciate this.

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Thanks for Your Feedback, we appreciate this.

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There seems to be some problem with the aspect ratio on some of the images and it seems like you've put a lot of effort into creating compelling images. Be sure to retain the same height and width of the original images. You may need to re-crop or resize them in your favorite image editor. 

This will maximize their effectiveness since they are so important to your brand. 

Here are some links on responsive images... 



I'm thinking the images in the slider should be clickable links driving traffic to products or pages the visitor finds interesting,  at least for the images that say "Shop Now"

Also it is very important to implement best practices for Typography to create a better UX/User Experience 

Readabilty ease of use and accessibility make for a much better conversion rate as well as search rankings in search engines like Google. 

Here are some highlited recommendations from UXplanet... & I hope this inspires you to improve your visitors experience. 


The links could use some custom CSS Styling... 
& The reviews should be more Accessible/Readable and always available to search engines. 

Furthermore,  in advice, Web Design today should always take a "Mobile First" approach. 
& I think it maybe a good idea to do some research on how to optimize your page content for search engine rankings. 

Hope you found these tips useful.. 
and Good Luck! ? 

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Hi i have gone through your website which is awesome and banners are also awesome may i know which theme did you have use shoppify. Becuase i want shopify theme like this http://bit.ly/2LyRbws 

Waiting for your positive reply