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Looking for help segmenting my mailing list

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I'm currently running two separate but related stores off one Shopify store.  My theme is debut, and I have the newsletter footer on the homepage.  Is there any way to have a pop up or something when people add their name to the list, asking which side of the business they are more interested in receiving news about (and some may want to hear about both).


Similarly, when people accept email marketing at checkout, is it possible to have their info go directly into a segment based on what they have purchased.  I just want two segments, one for each of the "lines" in my business.  


I'm currently using MailChimp with Shop Sync, and have the two segments set up and some people segmented in each group, but when people add themselves to my mailing list, I have now way of knowing which part of my business they are more interested in.


Thanks so much for any input!

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If you are using Mailchimp, there should be a way to segment on past purchases, especially if Shopify data is being synced to Mailchimp. 


When trying to segment people who are signing up for your emails, I would use a welcome series to push them into segments. After they sign up, automatically send them an email thanking them for subscribing and asking them what they are interested in. Offer them a discount code or other incentive to encourage them to actually click through on that first email. This will help them segment, and also bring them back to the site for more exploring. 


Good luck!