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Looking for inputs on my App Idea! (Generate Social Media Content using AI)

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Hello! I am a fellow Entrepreneur and I am looking for some inputs from you all. 

We are building an AI product that generates Social Media posts according to a business’s niche.

I am looking to launch on the Shopify App Marketplace but was looking to have some validation before that.


I realized that Shopify Store owners are a perfect audience for my product because:

  • Social Media presence is very important for an E-commerce business.

  • A lot of Shopify stores I checked have almost dormant Instagram/Facebook pages.

  • I understand this would be due to time constraints. I have been in the same situation in my last startup where there is a lot of stuff to do and social media takes a backseat.


What my product can do:

  • As a Shopify app, read products from your Shopify store and generate nice posts in various themes (Educational, Promotional, BTS, Contests, Polls, etc) personalized for your business.

  • Can generate “almost” ready-to-use posts with Images, Captions, Hashtags, etc, and saves you a lot of time spent ideating for post ideas. Please note that the AI won't generate final output - You will always need to tweak it!

  • Keep pushing you via notifications to look at the posts and polish/approve them to be posted to your social handles.

  • This will make sure you have some presence on Insta, Facebook, etc and any prospective customer does not get turned off due to dormant accounts.


Questions I had:

  • Do you think this is a problem you identify with?

  • Would you pay for this?

  • Would you be willing to be a beta user for our product?

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