Looking for the best way for me to change my marketing strategy and website design to suit.

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I currently use instagram as my main way of marketing.


I get on average 3 site views a day through constant engagement on instagram. I havent had 1 sale in months even though i released a new collection of clothing. I would like someone to review my website design as well because it is clearly not working for me. Also, what is the best way to get visitors to come to your store in the first place? I want to get atleast 50 daily viewers on my page a day so i atleast have a chance at converting.


Would appreciate any help.

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What's the math on # of instagram views to get 3 site views of website? The cost?

Apply that math to instagram effort|adspend to get 50 views

I want to get atleast 50 daily viewers on my page a day so i atleast have a chance at converting.

I'm not sure what data your basing that on but conversion theory is 1-2% per thousand 

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it is just an average when i look at the shopify 'views today' box. This is doing free engagment on instagram daily. I am not sure what the most effective ads for instagram would be as i have ran ads before and they havent converted for me.

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Hi there Andrew,

Your store seems amazing! I would suggest you run a giveaway contest, it really helps!

I also strongly recommend you try the Flashchat app, which will help you recover abandoned carts through Messenger (up to 15% recovery). It will definitely help you make some extra sales for free!

Good luck!

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Your images are great, but they're all "lifestyle" type pics.  This means the product isn't front and center.  I'd start mixing in some product photos, both simple (like in your store) and more branded (or stylish).  I'd also try telling "micro stories" with your images-- do a set of pics with the same item, same setting.  It makes the viewer engage with the images.