Lot of traffic, very little sales!

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Hi all,


I'm currently running my shopify store www.shopgraphique.co.uk and it was at one point doing very well. However recently I have found that I am getting next to no sales and this has been a problem for over two months. I would love it if anyone has any advice for me regarding this problem or just general advice and feedback for my store!


Looking forward to your replies,

Dan Martin.


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Hi Dan,

The first thing I would do is check your analytics in Shopify. I would compare a time period when the store was doing well to the time period where it hasn't beend going well (the past two months as you said). I know you said you are getting lots of traffic, but:

1. Have the number of visitors coming to your store decreased?

2. Have the number of visitors coming to your store stayed relatively the same, but sales are down? If this is the case, I would dig deeper and see if the source of your traffic has changed at all.

I'm happy to help you get to the bottom of this but I need to know more details.

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Who are you selling your products do. I'm assuming your dropshipping for all the different type of products. 

Also for anyone starting out new to eCommerce traffic does not equal sales. There are many reason why your not getting sales, but I  would to guess most likely that most of the traffic your getting is not interested in your products. 

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Hey, Dan!

Aria here, one of the Social Care gurus at Shopify. ?

I think your store looks great! I'm not sure why your sales have dropped. As John mentioned, we'd need a lot more information to try to help you with that. I'm not sure how much traffic you're getting but keep in mind a 2 - 4 % conversion rate is considered good.

I did take a look at your store. I love your About Us page and your FAQ page. I would re-do your shipping page though to make it more customer friendly. I would avoid telling people you're using Oberlo. If I knew nothing about dropshipping, I'd read that and immediately wonder who Oberlo are. What happens next? You're right, I do a Google search to figure it out and it's not long before I've fallen down an internet rabbit hole that leads me to find out how I can order these products at cheaper prices. Oberlo already has a successful business. This store is your business, not theirs. It's about your brand and you need to create your brand story and build trust with your audience. Likewise, don't tell people about Kite, Gooten and Printify on your Terms and Conditions page. These companies are your suppliers. You can just let your customers know your warehouses are in various locations. For this reason, I'd take responsibility for returns and refunds. It's fair to tell people your products are printed to order and so will only be refunded if there is a fault or the shipment goes missing but I would allow them to contact you directly regarding the refund, take responsibility for it and refund it without mentioning your supplier, then you can take it up with Printful or Oberlo after you've finished looking after your customer. All of this will help to build trust with your customers. 

Use positive language. Avoid saying things like, "Unfortunately, we have no control over the shipment times for your order." That might be true but it doesn't sell your business. Instead, try to give approximate shipping times. If you're dropshipping from China, make sure you only sell products that ship with ePacket. It's actually possible to dropship from the UK now too. Some of the Oberlo suppliers are UK based and there is also Spocket where you can search specifically for UK based products. 

Check all of your links to make sure they are going where they are supposed to go. If I go to Bags > Cross Body Bags, it just directs me back to the homepage. 

When writing your product descriptions, make it sound like you're talking to a friend. Leave out non-essential information that people don't need to read. Take a look at our blog post, How To Optimize Your Product Pages For More Sales: 11 Expert-Recommended Tips.

Make sure your product images are all the same size: 

Since you're using Pinterest as one of your Social Media pages, make sure you build your following on there. Read How to Get More Followers On Pinterest: Reach New Audiences To Grow Your Business. Having a big following on Social Media makes you look more professional as it provides Social Proof. It also gives you an audience you can engage with, rather than always needing to pay for advertising. 

I notice you do have a good following on Instagram. I'd definitely keep working on that but I'm guessing that's where a lot of your traffic is coming from. What other methods are you using to bring in traffic? How are you targeting your followers? Who is your target customer? Think about what your product offers. Why do people buy it? 

I would recommend you sign up for Shopify Academy. It's free and it's taught by experienced, successful entrepreneurs. There is an Instagram course coming up soon which should be useful for you. While you wait, check out Instagram Marketing 101: Using Hashtags, Stories, and More to Grow Your Business.

Think about what you can offer your customers outside of your products. If you create good content which is relevant to your brand, it will increase the interest in your brand and will also improve your SEO. This can be done in many ways. You can write blog posts. They can be about a topic which is related to what you are selling. You could run a contest on Instagram and feature the winner in your blog. You could use Instagram Influencers to help promote your product and in turn, feature them on your blog. There are many ways to do it. Make sure your Social Media posts are engaging. It's fine for some of your Instagram posts to be images of your products but mix it up. Make sure at least half of the posts are not your products. Ask your customers questions to encourage engagement. Ask them to tag their friends. When they do, make sure you visit the friends profile and comment on their photo's. When people comment, respond to them. Do the same on Facebook. Run polls to gather interest. If you'd like some inspiration to get started, check out the following: 

Finally, paid ads on Facebook and Instagram are the fastest way to get things going for a visual product like yours when you're still fairly new. If you haven't tried it already, I'd recommend Kit. It's like your own virtual marketing assistant and is great for re-targeting previous visitors to turn them into customers. If you'd like a tutorial, we have a free Kit Webinar you can sign up for. 

Keep in touch! If you chat to us about your marketing strategy, we can help you further. 

Social Care Guru

Aria | Social Care @ Shopify 
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To know the problem you need to know the data...

- where's the traffic coming from

- who were/are you targeting exactly

- what's your conversion rate

- what changed in your comparison period

Then you can start to analyze, especially with past success you can look there for inspiration. If you're not tracking your marketing efforts or site changes, you can create a simple google sheet to track any significant changes or marketing campaigns you launch, then you'll have that info to look back on.

On the site, I would add some content/branding on the home page. It's probably your most visited page, so having a quick intro about why your brand is unique/cool can help you better connect with your audience.

Performance Tip
Site speed affects your conversion rate an engagement. Your home page is kind of heavy at 8.8MB, with 7.27MB consisting of images. Attached are your heaviest files/images.

I would shoot for your pages weighing 2MB - 4MB max, and try to keep your images around 200kb - 400kb.

That first image in the list is saved as a PNG, but it's got photographic images in it, which is best to save as JPG. If you change that to JPG, I bet you'll reduce the file size by at least 50%.

I blog about performance and automated marketing, if you need any help on those just give me shout I'll send some resources your way.

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Dan, I have an app that helps you discover why your customers don't buy. If you want to take a look at it, let me know.

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Why you not share the name of app? 🙂 

''..If you going to try, go all the way..''
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I do have this issue. My client is running a shopify store. He sells TV parts and repair service. He is getting lot of traffic to his website. I can see the same in Google Analytics which is linked to his Shopify store. But there is no convesion is happening. Is this because the store is not optimized for SEO. Is there any Shopify plugin For SEO. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. 

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey, James!

Aria here!

All Shopify stores are optimized for SEO but there are things you can do to improve that for sure. We do have SEO apps.

SEO is a tricky business. It's helpful if you understand it, rather than just rely on an app to deal with it for you. Take a look at our guide, The Basics of Search Engine Optimization for Your Shopify Store. We also have a useful video series with Helen Overland. This may be enough to increase your confidence but if not, you can consider hiring a Shopify Expert to deal with your SEO.

Let me know how you get on!

Social Care Guru

Aria | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Martin

I took a look at your website and I have a few questions. 

You had the sales before, what did you change since then?

Are you getting less sales or a lower conversion?

Are you emailing people who have purchased in the past? 

Are you targeting the right people? Getting random traffic is easy but getting the right traffic is the part that takes skill and if you try to get everyone then no-one feels you are “talking to them”

Our team at Just Ask Parker do exactly this for stores on a low budget and what we find is that starting with understanding your target customer is VERY important. I have a free training video on this which I can share with you if you want it.

After that I'm happy to help you get to the bottom of this but I need to know more details on:

1. Who your current traffic is

2. Who is the IDEAL customer, that person who will become a raving fan

And then we can suggest the tweaks to your site to turn visitors into buyers.