Lots of clicks but no conversions from Facebook Ads - any advice please?

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Hello helpful community!


My site https://quirkify.shop has been up and running for a few weeks now, but no sales. I don't think it's the products as they are selling just fine on Etsy, but I'd like to save on Etsy fees by selling direct through the website.


I have a facebook ad running as a test for just a few Autumn themed products, with the goal/conversion set as 'Add to Cart', and I've had plenty of clicks but not a single conversion. The audience is as narrow as I can make it, I think. Having read a few other questions on here I suspect I should have set the ad up differently to start with?


Is there anything glaringly obvious about my site that would stop people from buying something? The ads land them right on the product page for each one that they click.


Any advice gratefully received!

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Hi @bloodred1978 

When you are selling your products on Etsy, customers trust Etsy and indirectly the trust is "transferred" to the seller. It's a different ball game selling directly through your own site.


If the brand is new and unrecognized, customers tend to think twice. Two missing elements on your store that are very obvious - lack of reviews and no returns policy set up. This is the basic foundation for any store and information that shoppers are looking for. I highly recommend you to set up those pages.


Your store has a very interesting theme/ niche. When you mention about the sales of your products on Etsy - what were the top selling products? I recommend to run ads for those products rather than generic Autumn-themed products.


What would be great to highlight on your store - based on those top selling themes (proven record on Etsy) - create collections around popular themes instead of the generic - for him/her. i.e. Dungeons and Dragons, The Witcher etc.


I see Cult TV and Films, Gaming, Animé, Science Fiction more of a selling point of your store rather than what you are presenting on your store right now.


Best of luck,


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