Lots of traffic but no sales.......and lots of traffic from one specific location??

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Hi all, I went live with a new Shopify platform 3 weeks ago, and despite visitors creeping up, I am not seeing any sales. I have started using Google Adwords and Google Analytics to try to get a little more traffic through the site that might provide some kind of feedback on what people are looking at, and that has helped give a picture of the types of people hitting he site, but still no sales (though I am not new to E-commerce so realise it takes time, but this is the first attempt at self build). So if anyone could take a look at the site and advise if anything obvious I need to tighten up I would appreciate. Maybe its just pricing needs to be taken down a notch, which I am looking at today, but not panicking as its early days. Another and slightly more baffling issue is that I am seeing a lot of traffic from San Angelo in Texas, even during their night - maybe up to 6 simultaneous users. Is anyone aware of a hub or anything there that might cause this - I'm a little disturbed by it and that it may be someone with nefarious intentions. Any advise welcome. Thanks all. www.stamphawk.co.uk

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You should build social proof for building trust on your store.


Should show entire address with contact information , helps in building trust


You will need to work on SEO for generating organic traffic


If you are providing any special offer, you should show it on the top of the page bar - to grab attention


You have 10 secs to grab your customers attention 


You should keep iterating and testing with design to help you convert


you should have a “growth strategy”


Here is an article to help you understand



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Hi Kumar, thanks for the advice. All valid points and things I will work on over the coming days and weeks, but it doesn't seem that you have seen anything that is glaringly amiss apart from Social Proof, and then continuing to tweak until conversions start to come. Thanks

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It turns out that the multiple hits from San Angelo, Texas are related to Google Adwords, so panic over on that front. Every time you refresh the Adwords page, it shows 2 extra visitors on the Shopify Live View stats which is a bit misleading...…….if you refresh the adwords page 100 times you will show 200 visitors so you can be tricked into thinking you have a lot of visitors. The lesson is don't refresh the adwords page more than once a day.

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I guess it's a glitch of Google Adwords. Did you check your account if they deduct the budget everytime that your refresh the landing page?

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Hi there. Yes I did check this out and they don't appear to charge for refreshing the landing page, but what is apparent is that you need to get the ads spot on with very focused keywords otherwise you can pay a lot of money for the joy of lots of hits with zero conversions! I persevere. Cheers

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Hello, a bit late on this but thought I'd add that I spotted the same thing, and not just when i refresh the Google page - they seem to do random checks?


But what I wanted to share is that what really improved my shop's performance in the last 2 months is using Kit to do Shopping Ads for me. 


We'll see if it keeps performing, as I've only used it for approx. 2.5 months but so far it's doing a really good job.


I was quite frustrated to begin with, and after 2 years and thousands of dollars spent on Google ads (with and without help of agencies) I was about to throw in the towel and close my Shopify shop and just keep Etsy which worked much better due to existing trafic.


But now with Kit, I plan to keep both and have more hope that it'll all come together in the end (well, I am in small profit this Aus. financial year which is a novelty, so optimistic :-))

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I'm looking to solve this myself, it's definitely crawlers from Google Ads and it skews our conversion rates.


Has anyone found a solution to preventing and stopping this?


I want visits to be actual visits! 🙂

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Thanks for the feedback - I'll take a look at Kit and see if that can help.


Out of interest, do you have any data to show what kind of improvement Kit brought eg % increase in visitors to store, % increase in sales?



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Nope I have not managed to exclude these Google crawlers from the stats, but you can see them happening daily as it hits the store but does not look at any products. Definitely an annoying skew to data unless you have thousands of store hits daily.

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Dear Guinea,


Hope following suggestion will help you


1. Improve store loading speed for mobile

2. Overall Font, Color, Spacing, Alignment need to adjust

3. Trust badges should be on the home page like 100% Authentic products, Easy return, etc

4. Product page layout needs to improve

5. Need sticky Buy now / add to cart button on product page

6. Contact us button hiding Payment icons

7. Add a Blog section - it will be helpful for seo

8. You need to High hight your UVP ( Unique Value Proposition ) and many more


Thanks & Regards
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