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Lots of traffic but no sales?? Help please

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Hi all 🙂

I've just started an online store and im starting up a dropshopping business uaing Oberlo products and a few from Ali express.

I'm currently running Facebook Ads and generating quite a lot of traffic to the site and Facebook page as well as clients adding items to the basket and proceeding to check out but not actually buying??? This is all according to Shopify and FB stats. I've spent €150 so far on FB marketing.

I really can't figure this out can anyone give me some advice I really want this to work and would really appricate it.

Store -

Thanks 🙂

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Hi Luke:

This is a frequent problem that all store owners have, traffic but no sales.

The problem can be on 2 sides:

1-You are not targeting well your campaigns, and you are getting no qualified traffic.

2-A problem with your shop (design, prices, shipping...)

You should check that everything is right and that can answer your questions.



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Hi Luke,

Where are you sending traffic to? I mean which page?

I would recommend using adwords, since you just started your store.

It's not likely to get better result from FB ads if you do not have remarketing setup.

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Thanks for you replys guys, 

A few of my campaigns are specifically targeted for shopping and retail on Facebook Ads and the countries I am targeting are United Kingdom, Malta and the USA.

I've also done "boost posts" which have reached over 210K.

As well as created audiences  (Lookalike, Website visitors, shopify shop lookalikes and Facebook audience) total size of 426,400. I've just started another FB reach campaign and specifically targeting those audience in the hope it will work.

As far as I can see my website looks good and is easy to navigate plus loads fast. Prices are reasonable and ive got free shipping on everything. What other way can I target them on Facebook to start getting sales?

With regards to ad words I haven't tried that just yet that was the next step any recommendations or tips? I've heard it can be very expensive?

Also just so I'm sure as I am new to this, is the retargeting on FB one of the audiences I have created above?

Also I'm sending them all to my website homepage.

Please feel free to take a look at my site and let me know if there is anything you would recommend I should change. 

Thanks guys appricate it 🙂




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The number of users you have mentioned implies, your website is taking a good shape in terms of traffic.Though the reason behind no conversion (and I'm assuming a high bounce rate as well) could be the lack of efforts being put on re-engaging and retaining those 1700 users. For any online business, it is crucial to keep their users engaged throughout the funnel. More than often this repeat traffic is converted into sales and you shouldn't miss out on this traffic at all.

You can try a couple of things and see how it works for you.

  • Retargeting - It is of high importance to bring back repeat traffic to the website as more than often this repeat traffic only is converted into sales. You can try your hands on some easy tools like web push notifications. Providing high CTR's, web push notifications as a tool has proved to almost double the conversion. Here's a tool that I'd suggest - iZooto web push notification for your Shopify store.
  • Website UX - Make sure your website visitors are getting an enhanced experience once they land on your website. For this, your page load speed must be good, the theme should be in sync with your brand guidelines and website should be mobile optimized and the forms (if you have any) should be working just fine. In short, you should give no reason to your visitors to leave at any point.

Let me know if this helps.

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The product page itself has great hero images and displays promotions clearly for you to see. Consumers are far more likely to purchase during a promotion or with a discount code. Adding a stickied coupon code would not take much realty on the site and give more options for consumers to save.


Just like Ruchika said, building a recurring list of users is priority for an ecommerce site. Very few first time users will instantly buy off of a website on their first visit. To create a successful conversion, you must create urgency for the consumer.

  • Time - a deal will expire if not claimed and used within the next one hour.
  • Importance - Action words (Now, Quick, Fast)
  • Loss - "I'll pay full price, no thank you" 

Here's a more detailed outline : Post


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you have no background pictures !  add one

Why get yourself a headache and loose money with fb ads when you can drive organic search traffic?

Let us do the work at 1/3 of real SEO agency ridiculous prices so you can focus on what matters the most which is your business.


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Hi Luke,

Google Analytics might help you to understand better why there is no sales but traffic is still coming. I've wrote the blog post "How Google Analytics reports can help you understand customers" with pratical solutions step by step. If you need anything in mind just let me know.

In addition, take a few minutes with Shopify Conversion tracking setup blog post. It's good to start from understanding the data and setup it properly. And again Google Analytics can help you with explanation traffic and no sales.

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Hey there,

Check out the Shopify app called Pollen ( It'll help tremendously with Facebook ad conversion and increasing your sales. It's free for 7 days. 

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions 🙂

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Hey Community,

Ive noticed many other people having the same issue here. I just started my dropshipping store and have had over 600 site views in 3 weeks but not one sale. I’ve listened to advice from friends and family, YouTubers, and forums and made adjustments. I’m marketing on Facebook, Instagram influencer pages and Google AdWords. I have a blog coming out soon too. Please critique my site and give feedback. Thanks!