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I launched my store  Gen Minimal on March 16th, and have been getting anywhere from 20 to 100 sessions per day. However, so far I have gotten a mere three sales that were all from family (sad). I'm advertising on both Facebook and Instagram, and posting on the Instagram profile I created. How can I improve my conversion rate?



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I know you have also posted under the Feedback on my Store section - no need to post here as well, as you will get a much more helpful audit there. 

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After having the first sight, I find that your store is obviously very new. It's lack of customer reviews and social proof. Try to put reviews on your home page even the reviews are from your family members. Also, there are very few fans on the Facebook page and ig account. When I take a look at the family collection, the clothes style are too general. I don't see a focus in your marketing position. 


Since the coronavirus, more businesses are moving online. As a Shopify partner, I am trying to see how I can further assist them to fix the traffic-but-no-sales problem. Can you help me to fill in the short form so that I can know more about your difficulties?

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Hi there as i have checked your domain it was registered on 2020-03-17 and it's totally new you need to work step by step to get conversion and high sale.

1. I have checked your facebook account, and instgram account your are doing posting on regular basis thta's good keep it up, also check the insight report of Facebook account that will help you of getting the timing at which you post is getting most of the engagement .
2. Use video for daily post as they are more engaging than photos.
3. You already have facebook shop configure on your page so you can directly share the your products as a post.
4. Run discounts offers to attract new users as your are new to the business so it can help in getting traffic on your site.
5. Get review from the buyer as you have mention your family member buy your products so get review from them on your site and Facebook both.
6. Post the picture of buyer at the time using of your products now days it's on trending.
7. Before running Facebook ads check all the things all properly setup or not like facebook pixel , catalog , facebook shop, as far i have checked you have 2 pixel code on your side if i am right them maybe you are using facebook marketing app for connect your shopify store to facebook that's why there si 2 pixel code is visible on your store.Correct me if i am wrong.
8. Running Facebook ads is easy but before running any campaign you have to do proper planning as you store is new then you can run in 3 stage Awarness - Consideration - Conversion

Stage 1 Awarness :- Since cold audiences are completely
new to your brand, we use
Facebook ad formats that instantly
grab attention and embed in users’

Stage 2 Consideration:-
In the Middle of the Funnel or the
Consideration stage, we turn
prospects into leads by collecting their
contact info. That’s why we
choose campaign objectives that focus
on lead generation

Stage 3 Decision:-
At the Bottom of your Facebook Ads
Funnel, the goal is to turn leads into paying
customers. Finally, it’s time to start selling

Stage 4 |Post-Purchase
Our best customers are the ones you
already have. Don’t neglect existing
customers, nurture them with post-
purchase Facebook ad


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