Low Conversion rate

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Hey Guys, 


I am actually running the store "Shoockies" selling swimwear & sportswear. 

The store's actual conversion rate is around 0.15% // Reached checkout 0.69% // add to cart 2.57%.

Traffic quality seems to be good. Mostly coming from Instagram - Facebook ads - Reddit - Google ads.


I am absolutely looking into improving conversion rate. I already did quite a lot of research to improve CR but nothing working this well.


Feel free to take look at the website and give any feedback you might have. I am really looking forward to hearing your good advice!




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Sounds like you are trying to do to much at once. I would focus on a channel... Facebook/Instagram or Google Shopping/Ads and build that up until it's super profitable. We see to many clients try to be on every platform and end up spreading themselves to thin.


30 seconds on your site I get 3 popups: 10% off, a FB chat and  some Pushowl to turn on desk top notifications. I would not bombard customers like this. Your site switched between product and lifestyle photos on category pages. I would pick one and be consistent. Your product page is good... I would do some a/b testing to see if you can make the experience better. Everything is black and white right now. Would some colour on key buttons help direct customers on what they should do. Your free shipping, return policy and all those bits blend into each other. There are some UX improvements that are worth testing. The average conversion rate for an ecom shop is 2%... so you have a long way to go.

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Hi @DuaneBrown ,

Thanks a lot for your advice, I am going to try a few of your tips 😉

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You are welcome. Good luck with the store. If you ever need to hire an ad agency to manage and scale your paid ads...lets chat. I have worked on global brands like ASOS and Jack Wills.

We help ecommerce & DTC brands create, manage and scale profitable PPC campaigns: TakeSomeRisk.com

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Hi Shoockies,


I think your shop and products looks amazing!

Couple of things to note

  • The free shipping bar  floating with a gap on top looks a bit buggy on mobile phone :


I would either include it in the page or place it on the bottom, and highlight it in my ads and promos.


  • One of your first photo links of the swimsuits leading to "page is not available": https://shoockies.com/collections/monokini
  • I'd recommend using less photos in your first page as much as it looks great, if you clean your browser history you'll see the difference, you have many 100-200k photos in your front page, keep it light, the faster it loads the better chance people will stay the first 2 seconds when coming from ads or promos, check the gap between the people who clicked your ads and the numbers on google analytics to know how many people click back before your page loaded.

In regards to improving conversion rates, try using Facebook ads with Smart Ads app: with https://apps.shopify.com/my-smart-ads , It would create amazing collection and slider dynamic ads for your shop and help you with constantly improving your conversion with introducing better new learning audiences on Facebook.


Wishing you all the best!






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Upon checking your website, It seems lack of description of each product. Yes, I read the description but not a description but specification. If you want to increase the conversation, you have to write at least paragraph description each product.


Since this season is Autumn, you need to prepare the promo for this Summer because your product is good timing for Summer Season.

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Hi @Shoockies 
Let me know if you need my help in setting up your google ads correctly along with detailed optimization in your campaigns. I have been running shopping campaigns for shopify merchants and the sales have gone up from $150 to $900 in a span of 3 months. Really manual and in-depth optimizations.



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I'm using Reviify

 Reviify ‑ AliExpress Reviews – Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores – Shopify App Store

App has free version so you can test great features

I strong recommend to import Aliexpress reviews, because our conversion rate have increased dramatically.





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Hi there!


A 0.15% conversion rate is very low, and it's great that you're looking for ways to improve it. Many factors could contribute to the low conversion rate, such as poor website design, unclear product descriptions, complicated checkout processes, or a lack of trust signals.


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