Low Conversions and High Cart Abandonment

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I recently created the shopify Gameplug.co and have been using my snapchat influence (A combination of Comedy and Gaming-themed accounts) to push my viewers to my store.

Very often, me and other social media marketers on snapchat have been pushing viewers to our stores and for several of them they do quite well.


Within ~24 hours I was able to pull over 3000 viewers, only 11 sales and (according to Recart) 229/240 abandoned carts.


I'm not sure what I should focus on with the products as I believe the margins are quite fair compared to other gaming-themed shopifies within the industry and I'm literally targetting viewers who view my gaming-themed Snapchat accounts.

With about a .35% conversion rate and a 95% cart abandonment rate I'm not sure what the best process would be to take... Would it be to re-work my checkout or edit other things?


Any help is very much appreciated and I'd be interested in some sort of mentorship down the road as I already provide most of my own social-media marketing.





Store: Gameplug.co

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Cart abandonment: could be related to pricing

When getting the traffic you need to make sure the intent of buying a product is there. Anyone can get traffic, but is it relevant, it the buying intent there. Making sure you get high-quality traffic, making the ads relevant will increase the CTR

Also look at pricing, this also has an influence on CTR, analyze your competitors.

These are the basics I would recommend.

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I usually recommend that the CTA on ? ‪#InfluencerMarketing ‬shouldn't be exiting to your website, nor buy page.  Instead usually the best is to convert them (trusted, by the Influencer) into your followers, build relationships for a while and then make a sell.  

Good luck brand and Influencer heroes! – #DearMishuDad (Influencer contract template is here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084SP1R7G)