Low cost per click ratio ($0.05 per click) But very few sales and very few ATC

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Hey guys, so I've been dropshipping now for several months with pretty bad results but I'm determined to stick it out. However, recently, I've found a product which gives me a low cost per click of $0.05 per click (and still decreasing, yesterday got a $0.03 per click). It's still within the same niche as my other products so my pixel shouldn't have affected it very much, I also only advertise in the USA and UK so the clicks are high quality. I do not think that my product is overpriced but to test it I temporarily set the product price to a low value and still got no add to carts! I've spent a total of $55 on ads in the past week or so and have only had 1 sale and 4 other add to carts for a product which I sell at $14 with a $10 profit. Also, thought it would be useful to point out that my store doesn't look sketchy ive made of 30 sales on other products recently. I'm not looking for any magic solution but instead I'm more looking for advice on my facebook ads, should i keep on going with content views ads and see what happens, should i move to atc ads, or should i just give up on the product? thanks for any advice.

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I'm not sure what you are selling or what your website looks like. We work with a couple dropship clients. What we tell them is your can still get people at cheap clicks who don't convert in the USA and UK. Your CPC should be the last thing you look at... you should care about your CPA and ROAS (return on ad spend) more. $55 is barely enough money to run a test, let along spend money in a week as you'll need to invest money up front and optimize your campaigns over time. We always do a conversion campaign and make sure we are targeting the right people. Your target audience could be wrong.


We do DPA campaign and tons of remarketing and prospecting on Facebook. However, we have found it's better for most clients to start out on Google Shopping as you can get sales faster and scale your revenue. While you leave Facebook for its job... to remarket to all those people who did not convert the first time. 

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