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The address is https://baby.store.ro/ and it is annoying that the visitors are very few and the impressions on google the same. only from facebook ads and google ads I have visitors.

I also own sites made through woocommerce and they have organic traffic since the first month.

Can anyone help me?



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Hi there,

The concern is related to organic visitors because of lack of optimization. we need to attain 1st-2nd page rankings to get higher impressions on serp and organic results. Certain points to check on website is speed optimization, cosiderable, using keywords with high search volume & low competition and relevant content on pages, and referrals. Did you try optimizing your website bia SEO?


Seo takes time of a few months to bring results but are really impactful for long term earnings without spending on ads.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you for your reply.

I tried all the SEO optimization methods, but shopify gives me the impression that it is very bad on the SEO side. simply, the site does not appear in searches by keywords. also valid links from Seachbox sitelinks decrease day by day, without a major change. I am one step away from giving up Shopify services, after a lot of work to upload about 250 products.
That's why I ask your opinion and advice.

Thank you!sitelinks searchbox.jpg

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Did you try optimizing your site's meta tags, heading tags, the content of the page, and speed optimization?

This is how our website looks on SERP, and I think we need to work on it how it should appear on the website.


If you tried optimizing your site via some app or tool please try hiring an expert who can help you with the concepts of Optimization. Because meta tags and content of the page really matter to appear on the user query. Our content must be relevant to the user query, targeting the right keyword is crucial (low competition and high search volume.

As I see your website is in Romanian, which can be ranked in a few months with the right strategy. Shopify is an optimized platform in technical terms, and we need to focus on the right strategy and the right requirement of the page. 

Meta description and titles need optimization because they're directly coming either from page content or default title in the backend. Internal linking can help us bring attraction to the site, requesting indexing 2 a week on-site would help. Building links that can contribute, right now there are no backlinks for your website. Domain age is less than one year which is ok because we got indexing in May 2021 and website last cached on 1 Oct 2021, so regular indexing request is important.

You have come this far just try to right help for store, Shopify can help you generate 6 digit income as well.

Let me know if this helps!






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Hey there! SEO is definitely frustrating. Shopify sites can rank extremely well given enough time and setup properly. I've worked with hundreds of Shopify sites and can attest to the ability to rank them well. Looking at your website specifically, you have good content and enough links to get some positions placed. Have you ever used Google Search Console? If you haven't already, adding your site to this and optimizing how Google search console see's your website, could be all you need to get some initial ranks. 

You have some items that need to be fixed on the site as well, which are impacting your rankings, here's quick screenshot: 


Your website speed is fantastic, so that's not stopping you. 


Hope this helps a little and best of luck!



Thank you,
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