Low Traffic very small amount of sales (2 months old shopify site)

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I have a Pet Store on Shopify - https://shoppersprestige.com/ This site is 2 months old. My social media profiles, specially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have good response from followers. I'm publishing weekly blog post and daily pet related quote as well. I followed many Shopify store promotion related tutorials for about 2 months proor to start the store.

Therefore i satrted the store with a lot of confidence. And once i run 2 Facebook Ad campaigns i got very small 3 sales. I'm confused about this. If anyone can help me to increase my sales, i'm really really appreciating that.


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I also see very low traffic unless I pay rediculous amounts for adwords for little results. I would be interested in any tips on this as well 🙂

My site is Edgy Couture


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Hi Shopperp,

Have you tried Google Shopping Ads? The app is free from Shopify that sets up your feed.

The problem with advertising on social media is that it is generally really good for raising brand awareness, getting interest but not as good at generating conversions. At least in my experience.

The important difference is that you can target your customers so that they see your products when they are looking to buy them. You have fairly specific products, and without knowing I would guess that many of those products aren’t bought spontaneously just because you see a banner of them.

You mention 3 sales through FB, do you have more sales organically? If you do can you draw any conclusions on what your demographics are? And if you can, then target your audience to that.

Where do you lose your customers? When they visit your site are they leaving straight away? Are they adding products to the basket? Are they going to the checkout but leaving there?

If they are leaving straight away (bounc-rate high) either the site is not meeting the expectations presented by your advertisement or it was a miss-click.

If they are leaving on the product-card it could be a lot of things, but probably lack of (or hard to find) information, pricing or UX.

If they are leaving at the checkout it could be worth looking at payment options & delivery options.

Best of luck ?

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Hi shopperp and Ryan,

Have you try Google Ads?

I recommend you  this app https://apps.shopify.com/cleverppc 

You can create search, display and remarketing campaigns, easily and fast. No Google Ads knowledge needed. 




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Hi, There!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify.

It can take time to start generating sales, especially in the beginning when you're first establishing your business. I like what you're doing with your business but there are some things you'll want to consider:

1) You'll want to use a business email such as info@shoppersprestige.com instead of a Gmail address since it looks more professional. You can create a business email from Zoho Mail or GSuite

2) Your social media will improve over time if you post a variety of content. I went to your social links and am seeing mostly daily quotes that tell people to shop on your website and product posts. You may want to dial it back a bit and only post a quote once a week and make it a special day, such as 'Thursday Thoughts' or anything else you like. Mix up your social media content and only post products once in a while or else people will perceive your good intentions for being too pushy. There are two articles I recommend taking a look at for some inspiration when planning your posts 10 Inspiring Ecommerce Examples of Social Media Done Right (and How You Can Implement Them) and 11 Organic Social Media Marketing Tactics to Increase Your Reach Online. I also noticed your Tumblr URL didn't work when I clicked on it. Personally, I don't see Tumblr helping your business but it's entirely up to you.

3) It's not a bad thing to create blog posts that promote your products so long as you balance it with other topics your audience will enjoy reading. Since your audience consists of pet owners, you may want to blog posts related to different pet holidays, answer questions that pet owners are searching for online and other topics. We have an article on Why Every Ecommerce Business Needs a Blog (And 9 Ideas to Get You Started) that will help give you some inspiration on what to add to your blog.

4) Your product titles and descriptions are currently quite sterile. I strongly recommend removing the words Priority shipping for Australia/USA/UK/Canada/NZ/Europe from your product titles and saving details about your products for the description.

For example, your Multiple(10|13|18) Blades| Dog/Cat Dematting Comb | Priority shipping for Australia/USA/UK/Canada/NZ... would sound better if it was called a Dog and Cat Dematting Comb

For the product description, you'll want to remove the text from your dropshipper and proofread each description to make sure they sound warmer. The article 9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell has helped myself and many people create professional product descriptions. I know I keep linking you to several articles in this reply, I promise they're helpful! 

5) To be honest, I feel that the root of the issues that stand out on your website actually come from a sense that you're pushing your customers a bit too hard when they visit your website and visit your social media. I suspect this comes from your strong desire to make sales. Fixing your product titles and descriptions will help your business have a more human element. I would experiment with not using trust badges on your footer for a few weeks to see what happens. 

6) The About Us page was a hurdle for me and for many other business owners. In fact, I'm re-writing mine again and it's perfectly normal to make several adjustments to it as your business develops and grows. With that said, I think you should consider re-writing your About Us page. The reasons you list for people to purchase from your website feel like a salesperson wrote it. For example, having SSL security on your website doesn't relate to why a pet owner would want to purchase the particular dog bed you're selling. In addition, the beginning of your About Us goes into detail about you being an e-commerce seller but the sentence about you liking pets sounds like an afterthought even though I know you didn't intend it to be.

A common thread I notice when reviewing About Us pages for pet sites is the owner will start with a photo of themselves with their pet and describe their passion for their pet and why they want to start the business (it usually relates to helping people). If you don't currently own a pet, try to think about a pet that you had or knew growing up. Essentially, you're trying to make yourself relatable. I would also remove the information about you being an e-commerce seller and just stick to being relatable. 

You also have a number of cliche statements such as high quality, customer satisfaction, and to become the one of Best Online Pet Store. Cliche statements are okay but without a genuine sounding voice, most people will read your page and that you want to be one of the best pet stores online and see it as being inauthentic. If you change your perspective from selling products to creating a brand voice, people will begin to purchase from you. Some more articles I want you to read are The Untapped Potential of About Us Pages (And How to Write Your Own) and Why Your Online Store Needs a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to Thrive. A USP will help you create a voice for your business and shouldn't be rushed into.

There's a lot of feedback here today and I don't mean to discourage your efforts in any way. We know how having a successful business changes your life and the lives of your family for the better. It makes us so proud to see businesses succeed on our platform and we want you to be one of those businesses as well.


Jade | Social Care

Jade | Shopify 
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Thank you for your suggestions 🙂

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Your guidance is great. But i have tried trust by removing trust badges from the footer. But i didn't get any sales. After adding them atleast several sales came. I assume people want a trustworthyness with the website prior to pay for the products.

Anyway except that i will try rest of the things ASAP. Thanks again.

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Hi, I agree to all the responses here. But same time you need to try to create some brand awareness. Running Google shopping ads is a good option. Before that run Google display ads (Refer: https://ads.google.com/intl/en_in/home/how-it-works/display-ads/) for few months so that lot of people see your brand and the brand name stuck to their mind. Hope this helps 🙂

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If you have small traffice and also very low sale quantity you should research about your market related to your product. Use famous social media sites for business advertising, it is very short time traffice gain technique and get sales. If you want more sales and traffice, you should contact uinta digital that is famous Digital Marketing agency that will help you for your business. 

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I'm Markus from Lean biz Growth.

It is possible to grow a business purely on an organic bases where you don't pay for any advertising.  Unless the content you produce goes viral you should expect the growth to be slow.  

If you post a blog, where will it be seen and how many people will click on it? If you post on Instagram, how many people will see it?  Initially the numbers will be low.  

That's why paid advertising can be powerful.  If it's done right, a £1 spent today should bring back £3+ in the future.  The time it takes to get the return on investment will depend on the type of business.  


I have created a hub of resources that explains how various marketing channels work, what ROI's you can expect from them and step by step guides on now to set them up.  There is no cost to access it, you just need to sign up.

I think you might find this useful.  If it's of interest you can get more details here https://leanbizgrowth.com/training-access .


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Hi, I have got all of you guys advices and improved the shopify store. But still i can't see any conversions there. I'm really confused. I used keywords in my product descriptions as well. Apart from that i executed several Facebook ads and Google ads as well. 300-400 people are coming to the site but there are no conversions. I get a cashflow to this business from my fulltime job. I'm working as a Software Engineer. But i can't do this consistenly if i don't get a considerable income at-least. Since i'm paying my money and time both onto this. So i'm really appreciating if anyone truely help me to overcome from this issue?


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Hi Shopperp

i think you are trying to sell to many different products.  If I was looking for home accessories I would go to a site specificaly for that.  You also sell slippers, Home ware and bed sheets  I think it is to diverse  

Maybe you could narrow it down to pet products and household items that are specifically pet related. 

Hope that helps