Mailchimp vs Shopify Email: Deliverability

Mailchimp vs Shopify Email: Deliverability

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Our mailing list has grown well (over 10k) and Mailchimp is getting expensive. One of the main reasons we chose them years ago is their "deliverability". We currently enjoy a high percentage opened, clicked and a great surge in sales with each email. I have been reluctant to change but wanted to check in with some experienced individuals first. Is Shopify Email as good? Our needs are simple. I like to say a few words and add a handful of products in each mailing. If there are even more advanced features, that's great! The key for us is making sure they aren't dumped into spam, for example. Any more thoughts?

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The most advanced option for E-commerce is Klaviyo, that is what most stores use. In our experience is the best option.

Do make sure that if you change your ESP, start sending slowly so you don't hurt deliverability. The best way is to move the welcome series to the new ESP and sen to the most engaged audiences

Here's an article on this


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