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Mails are not reaching

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Hi everyone, 

I started an ecommerce recently so I add a popup where I'm giving a 10% off if you suscribe ( directly into your mail. 

1. The email is not reaching, so people are upset as the suscribe but they only receive a confirmation email. Where do I change this configuration?

2. I also started learning about mailchimp, and now suscribers receive TWO confirmation mails, which should I eliminate? The confirmation mail is mandatory?



kind regards, 


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Use that of MailChimp

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Hi Suchi,

Creating a popup does not ensure an automatic mail. You need to connect a mail service and add an automation rule there, where you can add a discount coupon.

Alternatively, you can edit your confirmation mail on signup. 

If you are sending mails via Shopify, Go to Settings > Notifications > Confirmation Mail.