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today i made my first sale and i wanted to know and get some advice for improving as i go and making improvements to my store. Thanks all!

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Hi ScoopsWorld

Wow! this is awesome! Congratulations! you made it 🙂

Making the first Sale means customers started to trust your website and think it's safe and offering nice items. (Keep up the good work).

  1. Use the social media sites.
  2. Repetition (send offers by email to customers many times) - (repetition sells).

  3. Follow up with your customers after they’ve made purchases.

  4. Greet your customers & engage them with an open-ended question about how you can help them.

  5. Build customer relationships.

  6. PR (make customers aware of your company, new products, and services).

Finally, try to improve your website reputation and increase customers trustfulness.

Waleed Barakat


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Advertising is the best way to improve your store.

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Hi there,

Congratulations on making your first sale! It looks like you’re on the right track to creating a great looking website. Asking for feedback and advice on ways to improve your site is a great way to keep the momentum going.

A couple of suggestions to help you move forward:

  • Review spelling, grammar, and capitalization in your site’s copy. Be sure to have someone, other than yourself, proofread your work to ensure that your copy is straightforward and doesn’t confuse customers.

  • Consider highlighting more than one product on your home page. Perhaps choose one product from each category to offer your customers different options. Change these highlighted items weekly to keep your site updated and fresh.

  • Add icons that link to your Facebook and Instagram where your Facebook Messenger icon appears. If these icons continuously appear on a customers screen as they scroll through your site, they are more likely to click on these icons and follow your store.    

  • Are you targeting your demographic manually or through Lookalike audiences? You want to make sure your ads are reaching the correct consumers. Remember that views do not necessarily mean sales. Check out Shopify apps like Pollen to help with improving the performance of your Facebook Ads.        

Hopefully this helps guide you on your eCommerce journey! 🙂

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You can follow this best 5 Ways to Improve the In-Store Experience for Shoppers.