Making my first sale with facebook ads

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Hello there, my name is Amjad and I am 17 years old, I have been using Shopify for 2 months now.

I had 3 Shopify stores, first one I created one week after the fidget spinner got viral and it went very well but I could not keep up with it because I had matriculation exams which are super important , my second store I opened about 2 weeks ago and I added fashion accessories but it did not work at all , I could not reach any people and I wasted 100$ on ads without getting not even 1 sale,and today I have opened my 3rd store but I am not going to start with it before I figure out the perfect way to start an ad , I have watched lots and lots of videos and read lots of posts but they were all different from each other .

So my store's link:

my question is: could anyone help me build a 5$ a day perfect ad that reaches the right audience and for the note I am not from the USA so I am not able to use any payment getaway other than PayPal, and I am struggling with choosing the perfect ad type cpc,engagement, conversion andIdo not have any viewers yet and no add to carts.

and please if it possible to help me with choosing the perfect product that can get me the most sales , these are the posts i have on my facebook page :

Thanks i would appreciate the help a lot , i am trying to make money online in every possible way , i have ebay store, youtube channel, and a small buisness on facebook, and i hope a successful shopify store in the near future.

Amjad Aslan.

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Hi Amjad. Having a daily budget of $5 per day on FB ads is quite big. I guess you can start with $1 to go on expirement. In my experience, FB ads is a huge trial and error thing. My personal suggestion is to allocate the $5 to different ads objective - post engagment, link clicks or conversion (which is more afvance; dynamic ads), run for a week and see which ads performs best. Then you can continue by alloting bigger budget.