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Manage mailing list in different languages

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Hi is an italian store created with Impulse Theme
Now we translated in into english and it has been published
If a customer registers to get updates via newsletter , accepts then to join our mailing list
We manage then this audience to send different kind of communications/newsletter, actually using MailChimp but soon moving to Seguno.
I would like to have an automation which allows me to immediately discover and manage without manual tagging who is coming from from who is coming from the italian website.
This allow us to send italian or english communications to the right audiences.
Is there anyway to do this?

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Hello @Qerel ,


I know this post is old but if it is still an issue, 

We're in the process of developing an app to tackle the very issue you've described for our clothing brand in France, as we've also started selling in multi-language European countries. Our solution involves Shopify webhooks for new accounts or orders, identifying the customer's locale. This info is then used to add a custom field in Mailchimp ( or any other email integration) for precise segmentation by country or language. Plus, we're integrating DeepL's AI for one-click campaign translations. We're seeking feedback to refine our approach. Would you be interested in providing feedback and testing our app?

Looking forward to your response!

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