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 I am looking for some advice  i’m getting sales through my website. I just launched my online boutique this last January, many of my customers are from my other business of paparazzi jewelry. I have umbrellaed all of the items I sell under one name “discovered”.  I had a good standing in my community but not so much of a great online presence. I’ve been dealing with Facebook groups for selling from and my customers there don’t seem to like using the website, so they purchased through the Facebook group. 

 I also have a big local following which is where I make most of my money. This is what I want to change I want a big online presence so that 75% of my business can be done there.  I always post my website when I post in my Facebook groups and I often post in the yard sale site and various other sites Google plus wherever I can post my website I do.  I also know that the description wording can be problems to which I am not very good with words but I also know it’s something that can be learned.

 Hope I’ve given you enough information to help me out here. I’ve had my own business and says one way or another for 15 years my online boutique is what I’ve work towards and I don’t want it to fail before I get started 

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Hey, Cat!

Aria here, one of the Social Care gurus at Shopify. ?

I've been having a good look at your store. It's looking great, you have lovely products. I do have some feedback for you.

First of all, make sure all of your images are the same size and shape, for a more professional look: 

This guide explains the recommended sizes and how to resize images directly in your Shopify admin. If an image is a different shape than others, you would be better to crop it. 

You appear to have four different products listed for the same pair of sandals in different sizes:


I would use a close-up image of the sandals if you can and merge these into one product, using variants. If you're not sure how to create variants, check out our Variants guide.

Your Facebook link is broken:

Your Instagram and Pinterest links are working but not the Facebook link. The easiest way to fix it is to copy the link from the address bar when you're on your Facebook page and paste it in the Facebook section in your theme editor (Online Store > Themes > Customize > Settings > Social Media).

Since you mentioned most of your customers came from your Paparazzi Jewellery business, it might be worth having a featured collection of that jewellery on your homepage. Don't get rid of the shorts though, those are super cute!

Consider creating menus for your Refund Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. I'd also have a Shipping page. At the moment, your customer would need to go all the way to checkout to find out how your shipping pricing works and which service you use. Our Beginner's Guide to Ecommerce Shipping and Fulfillment can point you in the right direction with that. If you'd like to see an example shipping policy, Oberlo have one. Keep in mind, the Oberlo example is aimed at people who are dropshipping from China but it should give you an idea what to include. 

Copywriting is definitely a huge part of having a successful store. If you're not a confident writer yourself, find a friend who is talented in this department to help you proofread and perfect everything. We have some great resources on copywriting in our blog

I would recommend simplifying your logo. A more concise logo will convey your brand better and will look better on mobile devices. Mobile browsing has overtaken desktop computers for online shopping. The text on your logo would be difficult to read on mobile devices and it's unnecessary other than the name of your business which should stand out and be the main part of your logo. If you want to provide your phone number for your clients, adding it to a Contact Us page would make more sense. You could consider using Hatchful which is our free logo generator. 

Creating a professional looking store is a vital part of the puzzle but it's actually the smaller part. The bigger part is marketing and drawing traffic. At the moment, you've had most success with selling locally and on Facebook groups. That's not such a bad thing but you can definitely expand on that. Check out our Podcast episode, 1,000 True Fans: Tapping Into Facebook Groups to Generate Sales. It's about a lady who utilized Facebook groups to drive traffic to her very own Facebook group using giveaways. One of the most beneficial things about running a successful Facebook group for your brand is that your group members will answer questions for each other. This is customer service gold for a small business owner. You can get on with running the business, rather than answering messages and emails. 

I'd work on building your following on your Facebook Page, Pinterest and Instagram. Having a large following makes you look more professional as a business. It can seem overwhelming when you don't have experience in social media marketing but we're here to help. Check out the following blog posts to get you started: 

We also have a free webinar you can sign up for: Grow and Monetize Your Instagram Account and a brand new online training academy.

That gives you quite a bit to go on. We're always around if you need more support. I wish you all the best as you expand your business!

Social Care Guru

Aria | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Aria, thanks so much for all the detailed info and help.   Have not reached out til now and glad I did, you gave me a lot to work on.  So appreciative of your time ?

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Make sure you have a Facebook Ads pixel installed on your site so you can start building visitor and purchaser audiences of your customers.  These will be really valuable later on when you want to expand so you can make Look A Like audiences of people most like your people to run prospecting ads to.

You don't have to run ads now, but always good to start building those audiences by having your Facebook Pixel in the shop.

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Hey Cat,

let us know once the changes are done suggested by  Aria.  modifying design will make your site more attractive. 



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I think you should get rid of the "someone just bought" pop up. It's distracting and to me, comes across as unprofessional.


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Really applying all these comments to this e commerce site :

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(Corrected) At a first glance I thought that you were talking about facebook ads, but then I realised it was groups. I can't delete the post so I'll just leave it here in case you want some help with FB ads and how to set them up.

So you need to be cautious how to set up your ad. It’s a common mistake to drive visits but not convert them.

Have a look at this guide. There is a part about the ad setup that ensures that you drive conversions.

Beginner guide to boosting Shopify sales via Facebook Ads

Written by the owners of Great British Tees (and a few other shopify stores). They have been using FB ads successfully for years.