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market my store online with a low budget?

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Hey I'm pretty new to business, and am not having much luck with generating traffic to my website.  What's the best way for me t market my store on a low budget? 

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I'm new as well, I'm trying other free ways to generate income by lowering the costs of spending anything. I'm not successful yet nor have I started, but I would recommend using influencer marketing. 

Influencer marketing sounds just like as said - an influencer marketing for you. The only oof part about this is how much you pay, your goals, your budget, and how they get commission. I no longer support using other ad platforms (until I make enough and sustainable income) to run ads. It's a huge waste of money and if you're limited in resources, materials, internet, or anything that can enhance or refine the appeal of your store, doing influencer marketing is super beneficial. 


If you're a beginner at it like me, I would start with nano or micro influencers. Nano influencers are people with 1,000 - 9,000 followers. Micro influencers are people with 10,000 - 90,000 followers. Nano influencers can be tough too because you don't know if they have experience with marketing if they don't assist you with their analytics. With nano influencers, you're more likely to pay for cheap or more (depending on who it is) for them to drive you brand awareness, traffic, and conversions. So don't always rely on numbers you see - using a social authenticator app (like Social Blade) to determine if a influencer is legit or not is also KEY & FUNDAMENTAL.