Marketing apps for BFCM. Which app would you recommend?

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Hi folks,


I've just started the preparation for the coming BFCM promotion. The first thing comes to my mind is some kind of header bar announcing the promotions. Next one will be something related to email marketing. Then later I've read the article below from Shopify

I'm planning to drive traffic mostly from Facebook Ads and probaby Pinterest sponsored posts. Which apps are you using for the promotions? 

My products are the handmade stuff like those on Etsy marketplace.


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A few weeks ago, I created a topic on Shopify forum asking about marketing apps that are essential for a store, there are a lot of app ideas that you can use for your BFCM campaign:

Personally, I think you can create a sale page for your campaign, it would be more focused than advertising a website so that bring higher sales. Some page builder apps may help you: Zipify is good at sale page template but too expensive. I recommend PageFly, it is easier to use than Shogun, and also has mobile editing and page analytics function

Just want to share something 🙂

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I've used the Referral Candy service. A quite stable and intuitive system that allows you to build the referral program easy. It's good to focus on that service because using the advantage or "deals site" which will promote the promo coupon code during seasonal sales.

Good luck.

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I've used the Referral Candy service. A quite stable and intuitive system that allows you to build the referral program easy.

Did you try using Swell? Also a new referral app, I saw it on Shopify featured app list yesterday. Do you guys have any idea about it?

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Then later I've read the article below from Shopify

Some apps are expensive and not good to start. I just read this article, there are some apps have the same function but are free: Best free Shopify apps that help you win the BFCM 2017

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Hi Martin, I think Announcement Bar by Hextom is a good app if you want to have some kind of header bar to announce the promotions. You can use it free and update to paid plan later on if you want to.


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Hey there, 

Check out apps like Pollen ( that help with advertising on Facebook. 

Pollen’s uses information from your website like your customer list, social page engagement and visitor demographics to find similar people on the Internet who are most likely interested in your products, so you don't have to do any of the data mining yourself.

Pollen handles the detailed audience work so you can save time and focus on other projects to help bring in more sales. When you have multiple ad campaigns, Pollen finds out which performs the best and allocates your budget to the top performer ad units, so that you don't have to spend extra time and money to test them yourself.

Put your Facebook Ads on Autopilot -
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Just got the email from Shopify recently about Sharable discount link. I think it would work pretty well in this holiday season 😄

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Hi guys,

You can try out our bulk gift card campaign feature.

Send out thousands of low or high-value Gift Cards to your mailing list based on specific triggers. Customers view Gift Cards as cash money and respond in great numbers to take advantage of them, generating a massive amount of new sales for the store.

Here is a case study we did showing what this feature did for one of our Shopify Plus clients.

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We have a few that are always super popular this time of year. So even if you don’t have Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales set up yet, there’s still time!

Here are a few we see often  

1 - The classic, “25% off the entire store, or all Pants, Shirts, and Accessories” sale.  Schedule it to automatically start at midnight, and that’s it! The Product Discount app is the easiest way to do this. You can run a sale on the whole store, or a selected group of products with a click, and schedule it to start and stop when you want. No coupon codes required! You can also add live countdown timers to products on sale, or automatically tag them, and then create a collection on your store for “Black Friday Sale” items. So that’s kinda cool too :-).  You just need the Product Discount app for this -> 


2 - The “Spend X, get a free Gift” sale. There are a couple ways to do this with the Product Discount and Upsell app, but one of the easiest ways is actually with the Sales Motivator app. You set the goal amount, say $100, and select a product to be automatically added to the cart for free when they reach the goal.  Each time they add something to the cart the app tells them how much more they need to spend. For example, “Spend $27 more and get our free Black Friday shirt”. This can all be done with the Sales motivator -> 


3 - “Buy one, Get one” sale. This is similar to #2, but it’s when a customer buys a specific product. For example, “Buy any shirt on Black Friday and get 50% off an accessory, or a Free hat”.  To do this you use Product Discount to create the sale, and duplicate and hide the product so it doesn’t just show up for anyone to buy on your store.  Then you use Product Upsell to create an offer that’s triggered when they buy the appropriate product, and offer that hidden item on sale, or free item, you just created with Product Discount. This uses Product Discount ->     and Product Upsell -> 


There are many more sales you can run. If you’re looking for ideas, or how to do the above sales, we put together this “Black Friday Sale Roundup” post to help ->


If anyone has any questions on running these sales I’m happy to help ?

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All brick & mortar stores must have this:

If you're running a brick and mortar store there is no better app than bnkle which ties in to your POS. It actually gets customers into your store. It's areal world search that lets you plug your store locations and product listings in so shoppers can search te stores around them for what they want to buy and come straight in!

A forever free plan and super cheap pay as you go option.

Love to get your feedback

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I strongly recommend the Revy Countdown Timer, countdown timers they are excellent for this holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, in the settings you can create one timer for 1, 2 or all your products and choose Black Friday start as end date for the timer, like the screenshot: 

This countdown app have different themes but if you choose the Modern one, here is an example of how it should look: 


Urgency is the great weapon to use in Holidays. This calls a lot of attention.

The link of the app:

Starts for free so no costs to you. After use if you guys have any feedback let me know.


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You've said that you are planning to drive traffic mostly from Facebook ads and Pinterest sponsored posts. Don't disregard Instagram and YouTube - they are great channels to raise awareness and drive traffic as well.

In general, when driving traffic and awareness through social media, I would recommend adding social influencers to your overall battleplan. Why?

  1. Social Proof: establishes in the human brain in many layers. Tools like FOMO help to increase social proof on your store, at the very end of the purchase funnel. Influencers are instrumental to build social proof at the point in time where people decide whether or not they want to visit your store in the first place.
  2. Authentic Reach: just put yourself in the shoes of your customer for a second. What feels less disruptive and what would pick you up better - an ad that is injected into your feed when scrolling down facebook or an image or instastory of an influencer you're following and opted in to watch?
  3. Content: other than with paid ads, on top of the reach the influencer will typically create a piece of content featuring your product and you're typically able to re-use that on other channels of yours. For example: re-post it on your own account, re-use it on your store, re-use it for paid ads, etc.
  4. Compensation: working with influencers generally involves sending them product samples. As those samples have a certain monetary value, you can deduct their price from the overall compensation already. For example: If you send a jacket worth $70 to the influencer, than those $70 are part of the compensation already, even though you will have sourced the jacket for a lot less.

Intrigued? linkr allows you to launch campaigns and cooperations with influencers on social media. Also, it integrates with your inventory if you want it to, which makes things such as the above mentioned sample seeding a hassle-free task. Give it a try 😉

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You need to also promote your coupons and discounts on social media. It doesn't matter if you have a huge following or if you're just building up your presence. 

The thing with holidays is that buyers are hunting for discounts and sometimes they use hashtags to find relevant posts. And your post has to stand out in the plethora of results that come up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts.

Use OrangeTwig to post about your discounts and offers. You'll get holiday themed designs for your posts. Something like this: 

And you won't have to design these manually. Just select the products you want to promote and the duration and your marketing campaign will the automatically generated and posts will go out automatically as wel. So it's literally set and forget. 

You can get started for FREE here: OrangeTwig 

Another reason why you should definitely give OrangeTwig a try is the hashtag research tool. I just mentioned that buyers look around using hashtags. Finding hashtags (the relevant ones) is tough and can take a lot of time and research. In the hashtag research tool, you just have to enter the keyword and you'll get a list of high volume and niche hashtags. You can create lists and automatically attach these in your posts. Here's more about the tool: Hashtag Research tool 

I am using the work automatically a lot, because this is a super-busy and profitable time for online sellers. Buying activity is the highest right now. So you should automate whatever bit of your marketing that you can so that your single point of focus is orders and customers. 

Happy holidays and marketing 🙂

- Akanksha 

P.S - check out the Seller Success Facebook group for tips and information on selling more.
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Hi there.


I want to share with you one more Shopify app that is absolutely necessary for BFCM 2019. 


Black Friday & Cyber Monday (BFCM) around the corner. It means you have to apply discounts for hundreds or even thousands of products at a given time. And then return them back. It’s impossible to do this manually!


To do this, Shopify merchants use discount or sale apps. But all of them apply discounts for a long time and don’t work in a sustainable way. This means, at the time when prices should be discounted, they aren’t.


You announced a sale to customers. They come to your store and… get frustrated! Because there are no announced sales. A discount app still applies discounts to your store. And customers go away! You lose a lot of $$$.


Now you have a complete solution to schedule and apply discounts immediately!


The Instant Bulk Discount & Sales app allows you to:

  • be confident that discounts apply at the given time and save a lot of money
  • truly count on the app in case of sustainable work and compatibility with other apps
  • implement all your ideas about discounts
  • manage all your discount rules on the dashboard easily.

Learn more about the Instant Bulk Discount and Sale app here.

Apply discounts for thousands of products in a few seconds:
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To beat your competition and grow your online business, it’s imperative that you thoroughly understand the psychology of your target audience and create marketing strategies around their pain points and interests. As a seller, you need to lean to an exotic locale where you can win maximum orders. 

A variety of promotion options including Product Recommendations, BOGO, free shipping, percentage discounts, reward points, and giveaways are powerful tools for driving interest in specific products, capturing more customer reviews, and growing the customer base.


Higher sales and enhanced gains are controlled by the power, plan, and automation of your marketing approach and tactics. Strategically integrate AI-based marketing automation features like Customer Segmentation, Targeted and customized notifications, Loyalty Reward Programs, Data Security, Store-speed, all this and more to your Shopify store to attract potential buyers and existing customers thereby boosting your sales in the shortest possible time frame. 

Ahead of the holidays, it’s critical that sellers map out targeted promotion strategy and take advantage of the significant revenue gains. You can now seamlessly integrate AiTrillion, an omnichannel marketing platform on your Shopify store and create complete customer profiles that help you understand and measure your customers’ behavior at every touchpoint, and across multiple channels.


Since the journey is the customer’s mindset, then the AiTrillion touchpoints are the path one takes to engage with your brand at each phase. Experience a whole new world of possibilities and automate all your marketing strategies under one roof. 


Refer to these blogs:


For more details visit to our website:

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