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Hi Everyone 


I am wondering if anyone can suggest most favorite Marketing automation tool that is being opted by Shopify website owners. Few examples could be Marketo, HobSpot, Pardot etc. 





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Hi Manu,

Here's my recommendation for favorite Marketing automation tools that you can download from the Shopify store: 8 Best Marketing Automation Apps for Shopify

By reading the article you'll get detailed reviews of each app too. Wish you all the luck with your online business!

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I suggest you try BestPush - Smart Notification. It is a smart web push notification service that automatically sends personalized push notifications to the shop visitors, whether they have added anything to the card or they only surfed the shop and left it without adding anything to the cart, but it seems they are interested in some products.


That is very useful and fantastic because it can manage discounts, too! It only sends the minimum discount possible to price-sensitive users and can drive more sales.


I hope you find it helpful!


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I witness the growth of e-commerce stores after getting into marketing automation platforms. Here s the list of the best marketing automation tools in 2021. 

I hope this will help you and many others.

Happy Selling.