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Marketing efforts are not grabbing attention or interest (candle business)

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Hello everyone! 

No matter what we do, our social media followers do not seem interested in our sales, and discounts. Content marketing was the only thing that showed some kind of result, as some of our followers began to talk about wanting to buy from us, but in the end they never do.

We started a New Years sale where certain candles are 50% off, but once again nobody cares, and I don’t understand why. The ad we have on twitter (Link to Twitter ad) has no likes or shares, which isn't a good sign in my opinion.

We have also advertised the ability for customers to test a scent for free before purchase. I like to call them sniffle samples, which are shipped to your home for free. I thought this was a neat feature, but yet again nobody cares.

I also made sure to post 5 times a day, with interesting, and helpful content related to candles, but 95% of those posts are also ignored. I have also found blogs to be ineffective.

I would like to note that 95% of our followers where people who followed us, and not the other way around. A lot of them are other businesses though, which I do find a bit weird, I have tried to follow people interested in soy candles, but they never follow us back unfortunately.

We do not have the resources to do anymore paid advertising, and we don’t use Pintrest, or Instagram because we don’t have any interesting pictures of the candles (we are drop shipping) I have heard Reddit is a great place to advertise, but they seem to be very anti drop ship.

We have asked our supplier for more images, but they refuse to give us any until they can find a professional photographer. I have thought about buying the candles, and then taking pictures of them, but they are just to expensive for us. 

Our store has been open since September, and so far we only have 195 visits to our website. Further more, not a single one of them have attempted to add a product to cart. We don’t have a newsletter pop up on our store either, because none of them will link to Mailchimp unless we use their paid monthly plan.

what should we do?

Here are some links.

Our Twitter:

Our Facebook;

Our Website:


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I would advertise on marketplaces where the intent of buying is high. For example Google Shopping. People that are on Google Shopping, have a very high conversion rate because the intent is high. Twitter is not really an area where they are interested in buying products.

Or Amazon and eBay, the intent is to buy.

So I recommend advertising on marketplaces where people are looking for candles and not areas where the intent is so low.


Hope it helps.

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Hey Natasha, it seems that your simply not hitting the right target audience. You really have to think, who buys candles? There isn't really much of a hobby for candles usually they're given out as gifts. On that note have you considered using influencer marketing usually it is quite effective for products such as yours.

Please feel free to send me an email if you'd like to talk more about this!


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Hi Natasha,


I think you really need to get some higher volumes of traffic to your site, and unfortunately at this stage I believe that means paying for it.

I have a new-ish site that I opened in October last year and we are getting a pretty low conversion of ~1% of our visitors making a purchase. You said that you have ad only ~200 visitors in the last few months, and I think you really need more to get the data you need to know how to improve your business.

We currently spend about £5/day to advertise our business to people who have never heard of us on Faebook, and that brings in ~100 visitors a day. We get some sales from first time visitors, but then show visitors who did not buy additional ads, and that is helpng.

My suggestion would be to find some budget to experiement with ads, and see what happens. I don't think it's unusual for a new brand to get conversions of < 1% as you are still finding your market, but you need data, which means you need a few 1000 visitors, not < 200.

Instad of trying to get people to buy, maybe just run an ad to a version of your homepahe that offers a 10% off code whe they leave an email address, this is what I do and we get about 10 emails/ day. 

I hope this is helpful.




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Hi Natasha,

We were in your same shoes until we tried Cranberri ( Social media and site optimization is important, but we found that it's all for nothing unless you have the right traffic. Let me know if you need some help or want to talk shop! Feel free to email me at

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Alright. Social media followers have interest and but not intent. While these users might be lining up to follow you, posting daily updates only gets you vanity numbers but not real users. Content marketing does help you get some high intent traffic but nothing like Google Adwords or Facebook/Insta ads to expose you to potential buyers. - Web Push Notifications for E-Commerce, Bloggers and More