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Marketing Funnel Questions

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for a clothing company based on geek apparel. What are the different types of content you would suggest to use for 

Top of the funnel

Middle Of the funnel

And the bottom of the funnel?

I have the most trouble figuring out what type of content should be in the MOF and the BOF.. All the research I've done only shows more geared towards companies offering software or knowledge-based products. 

I've yet to find anything that is good for e-commerce for An online clothing store. 

anything you would recommend? Being used? Or actually, any other additional information you would suggest would be great as well. Just in case I may have missed something.

Thanks so much for your time in answering this!

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Generally, you should think about top of funnel as awareness of your brand. This is acquainting people with you who you are, withough asking them to buy anything. Showing them why they should like your brand and what is unique about it. Think blog content where you are not trying to sell, just get your style, product in front of these users to get their attention. 

Mid funnel is the consideration phase, where you are trying to get someone to engage with your brand, making a call to action to go to your website for instance and view your products. Content might be closer to the purchase where ou focus on the products you are selling and perhaps offer discounts to buy. Hopefully they signup for your email. 

And bottom of funnel is working to get them to purchase. This typically happens via emails, retargeting, brand search, and affiliate campaigns. They know who you are, you have built up some trust and you are able to get them to purchase. 

It is tough to answer this question in a forum, but hope that helps a bit...

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