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Hey My biggest has been marketing I have tried Facebook ads , Tiktok  , instagram but still no sales. does anyone have any tips or any recommendations of a person that may help me with this problem ?

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Hi @mr8030476


I would love to recommend you AVADA Email Marketing app.


AVADA Email Marketing is a simple and user-friendly app that can help non-tech users easily send emails to engage and convert customers.

At present, our app supports these main functions:
- Automation Email Campaigns for Abandoned Cart, Abandoned Products, Welcome Emails, Order Confirmation, Cross-sell, Upsell, and more.
- Newsletter Emails Campaigns with premade templates.
- Advanced Segmentation
- Sign up Forms (Newsletter popup, Spin to Win, etc)


Especially, we do offer Free plan, which is suitable for new business, and the LiveChat support is there 24/7 to answer all your queries and solve every issue at the soonest.

Looking forward to having you onboard soon!

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Hello @mr8030476,


Is every marketing channels demanding you more $$$? Let flareAI help. flareAI helps to get your products found on Google, the world's largest FREE eCommerce service. Let flareAI help you to grow your revenue on the world's best free sales channels.


You will get less sales and traffic if your products are not found on Google. When your customers search on Google, your product can be found only if Google has indexed the page. flareAI will show which pages are found on Google, and which are not.


How is flareAI different from traditional apps & tools?
flareAI is a bot, so unlike a traditional stuff you don't need to do a thing. Apps & tools need you to learn skills, hire people and dedicate time to get stuff done. Bot is different, it does stuff for you saving you time & expense.


flareAI Machine Learning Recommendation Engine
flareAI's machine learning recommendation engine will continually analyze your store products visitors and sales and recommend specific organic (free) sales channels. 


Hope this was helpful,
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Hi @mr8030476 


This is PageFly - Free Landing Page Builder. How have you been?


Since I'm not sure how you have run all these ads campaigns on social media channels, it's difficult to give a specific recommendation. 


However, based on my humble perspectives, here are some of my opinions


1. Stick with one platform first if you are new to the market 

Ads these days are more and more expensive. Your decision should depend on your target audience and group of ideal customers. 


2. Choose the winning product 

You got a huge list of furniture items. However, do you know which one of them is most likely to draw traffics to your website? 


Take your time to understand the consumer trend and identify the niche where your product can shine. Then invest in a specific object, not the whole collection. 


3. Invest in a outstanding customer experience

If you are using Shopify, I believe you want to sell online (isn't it too obvious :">). As you know, although the potential of e-commerce is huge but the competition is "giant". It's time to dig deeper into your customer journey and redesign the experience at every touchpoint. 


I'd like to send you an all-in-one Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices checklist. If you are curious, please take a look. 



Hope it is somewhat helpful for you. 


For guidance in web design, you can take a look at our Academy to get instruction from our top e-commerce experts in increasing store’s conversion rates


Hope your business is successful and gains more sales everyday!









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he before you start running ads you have to implement the sales revenues funnel first so that it can convert traffics getting to your store