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Marketing Settings Do Not Display Pixel Option

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I know the process has changed for adding Pixels to your Facebook account, from my research the process before was ALOT easier, I guess you could just paste the pixel into the pixel bar. Now there is a little process with it, but after watching walk throughs your supposed to go to Online Store > Preferences > Facebook Pixel > Set Up Facebook > From there your supposed to set up everything that it tells you to set up. My problem comes after everything is set up. I got my pixel set up on Facebook Business Manager and everything I am supposed to have an option under Marketing Settings > Pixel Tracking for some reason I do not have the Pixel Tracking option under Marketing Settings. Can someone explain why this is and how I fix it? I do not know where to add my Pixel.



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Hi @KanvesShop

Here is the most up-to-date setup process for the new Facebook Sales channel/pixel tracking. If you follow these instructions and something's missing from the steps you should be taking, then I suggest that you contact the support team so they can figure out what's wrong.

Panos Voulgaris
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Yeah that's the process I tried to follow, looks like I need to contact the support team
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Yeah. I am also facing the same issue Display pixel option is not showing under Marketing settings right now. Please guide me if any one know about this.