Marketing without Facebook?

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Hey guys, i am wondering how many of you are marketing on platforms outside of Facebook? Generally i found that Google ads can be too exepensive for cheaper products with bid costs over 0.5 USD, what is the solution to go there, if one doesnt want to use Facebook? Is Youtube viewable solution in terms of price efficiency for lower quality ad videos? My product videos are generally a bit pixelated and so far i only noticed high quality videos as part of Youtube ad stream. 

Just generally wondering what is the way to market consistently videos other than on Facebook platform. Or not videos, perhaps also picture based ads. 

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Hi Jan,

I'm Markus from Lean biz Growth.

Google ads can work but it depends if the search volume is there.  As it's a bidding platform the keywords will be priced at a level that works for the market.

The google display network can work but as with every channel it requires a lot of optimisation for it to work.

Advertising on YouTube is very popular as you only get charged if people continue watching the video.  This allows you to get a lot of brand awareness cheaply.


I have created a hub of resources that explains how various marketing channels work, what ROI's you can expect from them and step by step guides on now to set them up.  There is no cost to access it, you just need to sign up.

I think you might find this useful.  If it's of interest you can get more details here .