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Any tips on how to make your first POD product sale?

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Hello @Naynuh21 

Welcome to the Shopify Community, thank you for leaving the question!

Here is my suggestion to drive more traffic and generate more sales to your POD store. I hope you find my suggestion helpful!

Run Ads to get more traffic to your store

To increase traffic for your Shopify store, you should consider running ads such as Facebook ads, Insta ads, Google ads, TikTok ads, etc. Among these platforms, TikTok is the best for online merchants.

As you are a beginner, you should consider using a free app such as NestAds to optimize your marketing budget. NestAds also help you quickly create and manage your ads campaign and receive one-to-one support from a TikTok partner.

To generate more sales, you need to customize your store. Please drop your store URL so that we can give your more precise suggestions!


That’s all my suggestions for your store. If you find them helpful, please give me a LIKE and ADD TO SOLUTION.

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hi @Naynuh21 ,


This is QuickCEP-software that can help you increase your income.

Hi, you must consider a problem when doing business through the Internet, that is, sales = traffic * conversion rate * unit price per customer. If you want to complete the sales of products now, you must pay attention to the issues of traffic and conversion rate.


If you want to complete the first sale, then first consider the source of website traffic. You can place ads on Google, Facebook, Tik Tok and other platforms to get traffic; you can also put ads on platforms where customers gathered. You can also get some users by posting content on social media.


In short, you first need to get traffic to your website.

Then, you have to consider the conversion of the website. The POD website must be able to attract users to form a conversion. In this process, a well-designed website would provide you a lot of advantages.


There are some questions need to be considered, how to use your brand story in website construction to enhance user trust and facilitate conversion.

The volume of customer inquiries for this type of product is also a large number, and it is necessary to do a good job in the reception and conversion of customers. Therefore, you need to add the live chat function of the website to better serve customers and complete the conversion.

The customer service function module is shown in the figure below:


With the bot function, the product information can effectively reach users, solve customers’ questions, improve their experience, and effectively facilitate conversion.

In the process of attracting traffic and converting, you can quickly verify whether your products can be sold and complete your product sales.


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