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how can i market my company? instagram? how to get my store out there?

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Shopify Staff
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Hey, @TheStripesInMe!

Lulu here from the Shopify Support team. Thank you for getting in touch and I'll be more than happy to help you out with your question.

Congratulations on your store! Are you a new seller or have you been selling before? Have you done any marketing on social media or what has been your marketing plan so far? Marketing can be confusing, especially if you're new to selling. You might think that marketing is too complicated or expensive to work for your business. Either way, making a marketing plan is crucial for your business to succeed.

You will probably use several tactics to attract and keep customers. Each of these tactics is a part of your marketing strategy, and your marketing plan outlines how and when you use them. Your marketing plan helps you make decisions about who you are trying to reach, what you want to say, and how to get the word out. Understanding your marketing goals can make it easier for you to find the marketing tactics that are right for your store in different parts of your selling cycle. We have put this guide together for merchants to help make marketing easier, check it out here and let me know if you have any questions at all.

Don't forget we also have a Shopify Academy that features short free courses on various topics like 'SEO Training for Beginners' and 'Grow your Business with Instagram', these have helped our merchants massively and give some excellent tips and tricks. You can enrol at any time here. I hope this helps, have a look at these resources and let me know if you have any further questions at all - we are always happy to help!


Lulu | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hello I just got approved for Instagram shopping and none of the prices are right on my items when I go to tag them is there a way to update that or fix it?

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Shopify Staff
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Hi, @Celestehall.

Thank you for joining the thread. Just for future reference, you can start a new question in the community by clicking into the appropriate topic category and clicking "start topic". It will stop your post getting lost among other threads.


Is this affecting all your products or just some of them? Can you send me some screenshots of the prices of the products in your Shopify admin and the prices of your products on Instagram? Can you confirm that your Facebook store is fully connected and activated by sending me a screenshot showing the sales channel? The Facebook store must be up and running for Instagram to work correctly on your store.

Do you happen to have the Flexify app on the store or are you using the Flexify for your current Instagram catalogue?

If you are not using Flexify for Instagram or Facebook, I would suggest the following steps as they will force Facebook to generate a new product catalogue:

  • Navigate to your Business Integrations page on Facebook and remove ‘Shopify’ from the integrations list.
  • Log out of your Facebook account and clear your browser's cache. Then, remove the Facebook sales channel from your store's admin in the Settings > Sales channel page.


  • Once you have removed the Facebook sales channel from the store, then log on to your admin using the Shopify mobile app for Android or Apple devices.
  • While logged on to the store via the mobile app, add the Facebook sales channel back on to your store and then reconnect the Facebook account you would like to use for the sales channel.

I hope this helps, let me know how it goes for you or if you need anything else, please don't hesitate to reach back out.


Lulu | Social Care @ Shopify
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You can actually run Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat ads for the product. If you need an expert for this, click here.

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I’ve tried what you told me to do. I had the shop on my Facebook page
finally and all of my prices were wrong so I deleted it and tried to
connect my Shopify account from the app. It wouldn’t let me accept the
terms and conditions to move on with the process.

I do have Flexify set up.
Please help.
-Celeste Hall

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Hello Celeste,

This is Aby from the Flexify support team.

I just wanted to reach out and see if you are still having issues or if the matter was resolved!

Take care,


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  1. Create an Instagram account for your business and provide a connection to it.
  • Create a compelling bio.
  • Maintain a clear name and picture.
  1. Share content that will entice people to join you.
  • There will be no hard sell.
  • Use some imagination to mix up the product images.
  • Maintain high-resolution and visually pleasing pictures.
  • Include some eye-catching lifestyle videos.
  • Offer exclusive discounts.
  • Events should be promoted and shared.
  1. Expand your Instagram following
  • Look up and use related hashtags.
  • Invite brand ambassadors to spread the word about your business.
  1. Encourage participation in order to foster relationships.
  • Make captions that are involved.
  • Run competitions that are only open to IG followers.
  • Followers' posts should be responded to, shouted out to, and liked.
  1. Monitor your progress
  • Use Iconosquare to figure out what's working and then do it again.
  • Build a posting schedule that is tailored for busy periods.
  • Set attainable growth objectives.
  • Keep in mind that Instagram's social nature helps to boost intangible marketing metrics including customer engagement, brand equity, and lifetime user value.