Merchant Center products have been pending for 3 weeks!

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Like the title says, my products have been stuck on 'approving product date for 3 weeks.  (I've been having this issue for months, but 3 weeks ago I did a feed re-import as suggested by Google support, but that fixed nothing.)

Al products are pending- should take 3 days as stated at the bottom.Al products are pending- should take 3 days as stated at the bottom.

Shopify support has checked that my account settings and tags are in order, so the problem should be with Merchant Center. But Google support tells me to simply wait it out, as they 'can't escalate the issue due to the current situation'.

Someone else made a thread about this on these forums. (It won't let me link)

Need help: Google Shopping products have been pending for almost 14 days"

However, In this person's case, Google fixed the issue after contacting them. In my case I get told to wait because there are long delays due to COVID. I find it hard to believe such a delay could take 3 weeks, when usual times are maximum 72 hours.

Has anyone else been having this issue? Does this mean some of my settings are wrong? I wonder why Google wouldn't just disapprove the products. I would be so grateful for anything that brings me closer to solving this. Thanks for reading.

info that appears next to products in shopifyinfo that appears next to products in shopify

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First step is to check if you have any feed issues.


Go to Google Merchant Center > Products > Diagnostics. If you have errors, consider fixing them.

Go to Products > All Products > click on a product > scroll down till you see final attributes, check that all the data submitted is there and that there is nothing missing. Here is a requirements list:

Make sure you added shipping details, and if in the US also tax details. Check these are accurate.

If all is done, please fill out the following form (special form for your situation):


Hope this helps.

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