Meta & Instagram Channel - Able to switch content_id to variant sku rather than shopify ID?

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We've just moved over from bigcommerce and we have been marketing on meta for some time, synchronising our feed from a provider where our product SKU was our content_id across our pixel and catalog.

I've connected up the facebook/instagram channel on Shopify but can see:

1. Content_id on meta pixel helper is showing the shopify ID's for the products when browsing our site

2. Shopify has created a new feed pushing in our products from the store again using the shopify ID for content_id

A couple of questions:
1. Is there any way we can change to use SKU in our pixel when browsing our site, adding to cart etc?

2. Can we stop the sync from shopify to meta using this in-built feed and continue to use our external platform?

If we cant change to using sku, we probably have to use our external feed as a supplementary as there is a lot of data missing in the standard shopify sync.

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Hi @munkee 


To answer your questions, having SKU as a product ID would be challenging as Shopify will send their generated ID to the Meta feed. However, you can use third-party apps like Nabu for Google Shopping to help you send SKUs as product IDs.

Sampy Mishra | Customer Success Manager @ AdNabu

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Hi there,


We could also help with this and could use any unique within your store data as your pixel ID


Check out Feed Donkey in the app store, set up all part of the welcome service 👍


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